80 Ugandans Fleeing Rwanda Quarantined at Kabale Hotel


A total of 88 travellers have been placed under mandatory quarantine at Kirigime Guest House in Kabale Municipality.

Some of the quarantined guests

These were entering Uganda from Rwanda through the Katuna border.

Uganda last week closed all its borders, barring all travelers from entering or leaving Uganda in a bid to prevent the rapid Covid19 (Coronavirus)  spread.

Among those quarantined, 4 are Kenyans, one is from Eritrea while 83 are Ugandans who were rushing to leave Rwanda.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Regional Police spokesperson says these have to be subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine to verify their health.

However, local authorities have been in a fix since many of the detained travelers said they cannot afford the hotel fees for two weeks.

Ivan Mulumba, one of the travelers described the quarantine as unfair.


“This disease came at a time we had not prepared ourselves. We may not experience an easy time if isolated,” he said.

Steven Niwagaba, another traveler noted that his family will suffer since he was rushing to sort out a few issues at home.

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