71,000 Benefit from Youth Livelihood Programme

At least Shs 600m has been received by the Ministry of Gender, price prescription Labour and Social Development as refund of loans disbursed to the youth under the Youth Livelihood Programme.

Gender Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana told NTV On The Spot show on Thursday night that the move shows the youth have understood that the loans offered by government to empower them to start commercial activities “is not free money.”

Bigirimana said the revolving funds would be ploughed back in the programme to benefit other young people.

He said the objective of the programme is to “provide the youth with marketable vocational skills and tool kits for self employment and job creation.”

The Permanent Secretary further stated that “some youth did not go to school to get skills. But we equip them with skills and resources to develop themselves.”

Asked whether he was physically visiting the projects to assess their progress, Bigirimana responded: “Oh, yes. I visited a group of young people who are rearing pigs in South Western Uganda. They used to play cards from morning to evening and drink alcohol. Now they don’t have time for cards and the pigs are multiplying.”

He also pointed out that the Geographical Information System mapping of the 1,646 projects in 27 districts under phase 1 has been concluded.

The maps, according to the PS, have been printed as one of the mechanisms of facilitating and promoting accountability and transparency in the financing and implementation of the projects.


Pressed to explain whether the youth were provided with enough skills to manage the funds, Bigirimana said the greater involvement of youth in mobilisation, sensitisation, prioritisation and planning for their needs and implementation of the programme has created a sense of empowerment and confidence to take charge of their destiny.

The Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) is a Rolling Government of Uganda Programme, targeting the poor and unemployed youth in all the districts in the country.

The Programme is financed initially from Government own resources with a possibility of development partners’ support in the future.

The initial budget estimate for the Rolling Programme is Shs 265 bn in the next 5 years.

Bigirimana said the programme is a community demand-driven Programme that is implemented with guidance from the Central Government and the Local Governments.

The funds are advanced to the Youth Interest Groups (YIG) in form of a Revolving Fund in order to increase outreach and enhance sustainability of the Programme.


On the criteria of obtaining the funds, Bigirimana said beneficiaries must be between the age bracket of 18 to 30 and Ugandan nationals in a group.

The aspirations of the group are assessed by technical officials at the Sub-county, parish and district levels before being approved for funding.

So far, 71, 866 youth in 5,507 projects, according to the government official, have been empowered to engage in self-employment through vocational trades and income generating activities.

Quizzed on whether the funds were reaching the intended beneficiaries, Bigirimana said “all youth supported under the programme receive funds through commercial banks.”

He also spoke about that new bilateral agreement between Uganda and Saudi Arabia aimed at facilitating export of labour to the Middle East country.

Bigirimana said the two countries agreed that Ugandan employees in Saudi Arabia will be provided with air tickets, health insurance, transport means to their workplaces and a minimum wage.

He also revealed that a Saudi firm would soon open a company in Uganda to facilitate the move of at least 3,000 Ugandans to work in the foreign country.

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