7 Safe Exercises for Asthmatic People


Asthma symptoms like coughing, difficulty in breathing and wheezing can be triggered by exercising.

However, people living with asthma can also participate in exercise sessions if they are properly guided and receive the necessary treatment.

Julius Kusemererwa, a medical doctor, notes that since asthma is a respiratory disease, you have to do exercises that are easy on your lungs.

Here are some of the exercises experts recommend for people with asthma.


Kevin Onekalit, a gym instructor, notes that walking is one of the best exercises for an asthmatic person. It doesn’t cause burning out as it’s considered a gentle exercise.

It makes the muscles firm, relieves you of the day’s fatigue and helps you cut calories among other benefits. Walk for 20 to 30 minutes or more.


Riding a bike

Bike riding has both positive and negative effects, Onekalit notes that you should do it in a gentle manner as vigorous riding could result into an attack.

Do the riding in company of friends and avoid competition that could make you go fast. Riding will help you increase the rate of blood circulation, burn some calories, strengthen your muscles (hands, shoulders and legs) and keep you healthy.


Shakilah Katuutu says that her doctor recommended swimming more often.

She was told that swimming widens lungs hence reducing on the rate of asthma attacks. Also, it will help you reduce on excess weight but more importantly keep fit.

She, however, notes that she was quotioned against doing it so fast or hard as this may trigger an attack. Katuutu is always equipped with an inhaler in case of anything.

“Always move with someone especially to the swimming pools, you could get an attack with no one to help. Also carry something warm and an inhaler,” she adds

Simple skipping

Skipping is one of the best exercises as it causes a general body effect. It burns calories and increases blood circulation.

Ivan Kiwanuka, an instructor, notes that people with asthma should embrace skipping to keep healthy. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.


Do muscles strengthening by stretching. This will make your muscles more firm and flexible.

It should be done daily and constantly if possible everytime you are going to carry out an exercise, when you wake up or when on your desk at office among other times.


Simple yoga movements are ideal for asthmatic people (net photo)

Yoga is an effortless exercise which Katuutu says every asthmatic persons should embrace.

It gives one a peace of mind as well physical therapy. Yoga is as simple as getting a mat, sitting down, stretching and meditating for as long as you can.

Sit ups

This involves lying down on your back, and repeatedly sitting up and going down while you legs keep firm on the ground or you can have someone hold them for you.

Kiwanuka recommends 10 sit ups in the morning and evening. Discontinue in case it affects you any way.

Eat healthy

Kusemererwa explains thus “avoid oily and junk foods, teach yourself to take plenty of fruits and water. Natural juices are also a great option. This will keep your body hydrated and also reduce chances of adding calories.”

Kusemererwa advises that you should get recommendation for the best exercise for you from your doctor.

He says asthma attacks are different for every patient, what works for one patient may affect another, therefore only your personal doctor will recommend the best exercise for you.

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