7 Million NINs, 370,000 National IDs Printed for Learners Registered by NIRA

Between May and December 2017, the government carried out registration of pupils and students in both Government and private schools between the ages of 5 and 16.

The project was led by the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) working with the Ministry of Education and Sports and other government agencies projected to register 10 million learners across the country.

It was then stated that learners aged 16 years and above would be issued with National IDs while those aged 15 and below would be issued with National Identification Numbers (NINs).

It was also stated that leaners who would have missed registration during the project period would still have an opportunity to do so through the routine registration programmes conducted at various NIRA district offices.

According to the statement issued by NIRA spokesperson Gilbert Kadilo on Friday, a total of 9.7 million were registered with over 7 million NINs processed.

“To date, of the 9.7 million learners registered, in the exercise, 7,102,453 NINs have been processed while 371,087 National IDs have been printed for those who were 16 years and above at the time of registration,” said Kadilo.

To ensure easy access to the learners’ NINs and for issuance of National IDs, Kadilo said that NIRA disaggregated the NIN lists by district and school and the NINs and National IDs were dispatched to various NIRA district and division offices.

In addition, in May 2019, lists of successfully registered learners and their NINs were sent to District Education Officers (DEOs) across the country from whom Head Teachers were instructed to collect the lists for their respective schools.


The Head Teachers that never collected their school lists, Kadilo said, can either go to the offices of their respective DEOs or NIRA district or division offices in Kampala.

At the same time, the names of those leaners who lacked complete documentation were also sent to their respective schools for them to provide the required information and have their registration completed.

Parents and guardians can obtain their children’s NINs from their respective district NIRA offices under which the school the child registered from falls.

Children’s NINs can also be checked through mobile phone by typing *216# or calling the NIRA call center number 0800211700 (toll-free).

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