Besigye Announces Fresh Countrywide Protests

ask http://cosmoveda.de/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/widgets/class-wc-widget-recently-viewed.php geneva;”>Speaking to journalists at the Inter Party Cooperation (IPC) headquarters along Katonga Road in Nakasero, advice Kampala Besigye said they would not be frightened by threats from security barring activists from exercising their “inalienable right to peacefully protest against 50 years of struggle and suffering.”

Flanked by opposition activists, Ingrid Turinawe, Francis Mwijukye, Kivumbi, Hajj Munyagwa and Erias Lukwago, the outgoing FDC President said political demonstrations will kick off in downtown Kampala on Monday.

“We shall tour downtown Kampala before holding a rally at Kampala Constitutional Square,” said Besigye.

Activists for Change (A4C) coordinator, Mathias Mpuuga, called upon all Ugandans to embrace the political activity without fear.

The announcement will stoke tensions in security, considering that government has invited high profile delegates from foreign countries including Heads of State to attend the 50th Anniversary celebrations in Kampala.

Besigye’s declaration comes at a time when police have banned all civil and political activities for “security reasons” as the country prepares for the anniversary.


Uganda Police Force early this week directed that all planned public rallies countrywide be rescheduled by their organizers until after the celebrations of Independence jubilee.

“With this busy schedule of the Golden Jubilee celebration activities and the terrorism security threats, Police informs organizers of any rallies in any part of the country to postpone until the end of the Golden jubilee celebrations,” said Police Spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba.

“We are involved in policing a number of already scheduled activities to mark independence celebration,” added.

Through its constitutional mandate to provide security, said Nabakooba, the police are now focused on making sure that all Independence related events are successfully held with no loss of property and lives.

Nabakooba said there was a heightened threat of terrorism in the region and any public gatherings that are not well secured would provide a soft target for the terrorists to attack.

“We have also learnt that several groups are planning to carryout riotous demonstrations countrywide with the purpose of disrupting the peace and Independence celebrations,” she observed

“Whereas the Police respect and uphold the constitutional rights of individuals and groups to assemble, and express their opinions, the police on the other hand is constitutionally mandate to protect people’s lives and property at all times,” said Nabakooba.

“We, consequently, also advise any person or group that is planning a rally now to postpone after the Golden Jubilee celebrations.”

Clashes between police and political activists have in the past caused destruction of property and loss of lives.


Today, we are here to provide a report card to the country regarding our status and program of action and engagements that will usher activists from within and without into the 50 year independence commemorations for Uganda.

We would like to congratulate all Ugandans and activists in particular for keeping the hope and promise of the great dream of our forebears that fought for independent Uganda, by not ceasing the fight against tyranny, exploitation and abuse of the rights of our people.

For rising and resisting fascists that have variously occupied the offices of our former colonial masters, we say aluta continua.

For this great sacrifice over the years, the opportunities missed, you have for generations to come made your appreciation of National values and aspirations that can endure for generations made known for all that care. We are here to remind all Namtel Ugandans that this country at investiture had dreams, aspirations and postulations.

We continue to cherish these dreams, we aspire to see them come true in our time, and bequeath to the next generation a country that will maintain and carry forward the great dream of our ancestors and founding fathers.

We realize today, that they took it upon themselves to say no to deprivation, corruption, nepotism, gunmanship and a culture of impunity. These vices and more, today form the hallmark and mainstay of the regime that continues to treat citizens as second rate, and continues to deprive the citizenry the enjoyment of the fruits of independence.

All post-independence regimes in one way or another failed to enhance and cultivate within the body politic of Uganda, a sense of independence, but only contributed to the mortgaging of the country for benefit of family and cronies.

The current regime has had a stranglehold on the state for more than half of the post independence era. It is indeed the reason the country is bleeding 50years after independence. It is the reason we continue to invite all Ugandans to summon all energies they can master to put to a halt, this abuse of power, neglect of state duties and end the 27 year old error!!


Commemorating 50 years after independence, and a steady decline in all social and economic indicators; with a ‘visionary leader’ presiding over a regime that cannot provide basic healthcare, clean water, a descent education, security of life and property; among litany of failures the regime has presided over for 27 years of betrayal.

For the above failures, omissions and commissions; we intend as activities to hold a series of commemorational activities starting Monday the 1st of October 2012. Our commemorations will be countrywide, and shall serve to remind all Ugandans, of the duty for everyone to stand-up for common good by rejecting the devilish works of the regime;- murder, corruption, nepotism, militarism and impunity.

The regime does not care and is insensitive to the needs of senior citizens, the very people that gave meaning to independence and manifest the face of the struggles that made the departure of colonialists inevitable. Those that put their lives on the line have been denied a descent retirement, their benefits paid to ghosts!

So many have since passed-on, their beneficiaries continue from where they left the demand for justice from a regime of 27 years. For the memory of these gallant sons and daughters of Uganda that put their lives on the line to make independent Uganda a reality, we are indebted and shall remain eternally grateful as a people. Now that we know what the regime is capable of delivering; it would be unfair to continue demanding the impossible from a clueless group. We demand nothing but, departure from our political scene a failed regime of treacherous people, thieves, murderers and conmen. We need a whole new beginning and we are ready to start anew.

We invite all Ugandans to join activists in the struggle to make our independence meaningful, and worth celebrating. This will only be possible and feasible if we worked together just like our brave forbearers did to halt the course of colonialism and its attendant problems.

Our commemorational activities shall involve among other activities; rallies, candlelight vigils at and with families of victims of the regime terror, prayers and related activities that will enhance the sense of independence and maturity among Ugandans, despite a stunted and morbid political class.

We have reached out to different Ugandans over the last couple of days, including civil society players, religious leaders and elders; and have received their assurance and support regarding the need for these commemorations, the every reason we invite all the wretched of the world under this regime to be a part of the hope and renewed promise for this country that we all cherish and desire.

We take exception to the misguided eruptions from sections of the Ugandan police, to the effect that the state has the monopoly of determining who celebrates independence, and where to do so. We do not give instructions to the police; we expect them to reciprocate by avoiding delving into committing further illegalities against the Constitution, continue to abuse the rights and aspiration of an independent people determined to break the chains of servitude, subjugation and denial.

We advise the leadership of the Ugandan police to stick to their constitutional mandate, and avoid re-opening of fresh wounds; having played a lead role in all the most recent abuse of human rights, including cold blooded murders, of several Ugandans for which no single inquiry has been made. They must be advised that, the struggle and quest for freedoms is not a matter choice but a daily calling to which certain people will never weaver.

Mathias Mpuuga

National Coordinator

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