MPs’ Fight Bears Fruit As Gov’t Increases Doctors Salaries

price geneva;”>She maintained government has made a number of interventions over the years in terms of health infrastructure development, page improving drug supply and immunization.

and geneva;”>Over the last two weeks the discussion between Parliament and the Executive has been on the additional Shs39.2 billion to already Ushs800 billion allocated to the health sector to address the human resource challenge to make these health centre IIIs and IVs functional all over the country.

Ondoa now says government has assessed the recruitment requirements of the ministry and allocated Shs49.5 billion to cater for this requirement.

“Effective this financial year, government has availed funds to embark on the recruitment of over 6,172 health workers at health centre IIIs and health centre IVs,” clarified Ondoa.

“Shs6.5 billion is immediately available to kick start the process of recruitment and the balance of Ushs43 billion will be provided within one month after the Ministry of Health has submitted a work plan for this process to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development,” said Ondoa, a statement that will calm down public fury over government’s failure to fix deteriorating health sector.

MPs have in the past weeks been battling the executive which had insisted on not cutting budgets of other institutions to support the health sector.

Ondoa observed the key personnel to be recruited will include medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other support staff.

“Medical doctors working in health centre IVs will have their salaries and allowances increased from Ushs1.2million to Ushs2.5million effective October 2012,” she said.


This will be in fulfillment of government plans to ensure consolidation of immunization, tackle maternal health effectively and deal with HIV/AIDS as well as the general health care of Ugandans.

“The government believes that when we successfully address immunization, hygiene, safe water, nutrition and change our life styles, we can eliminate over 90% of all the illnesses. We also believe that a healthy population is a wealthy nation,” acknowledged Ondoa.

“We are committed to implementing the health master plan that will achieve the millennium development goals within the available resource envelope but also a plan that emphasizes accountability for every dollar invested in health.”

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