Bobi Wine: Fasten Seatbelts For ‘Tugambire Ku Jennifer’ Album Launch

malady http://contesta.fusolab.net/icurriup.php geneva;”>In the song, cost Bobi Wine attributes Kampala’s problems ranging from increased murders to robberies to Musisi – who last year kicked city vendors off Kampala streets.

Bobi says the unemployed vendors have now resorted to murders as a means of survival.

The singer says the poor city dwellers are being downtrodden because of Musisi’s dictatorial policies, adding she should be stopped.

The song has hit Kampala’s airwaves at a time when Musisi is on a massive eviction campaign of buildings in Kampala, an exercise that has sparked public outrage with many condemning the iron lady’s insensitivity.

Jennifer Musisi the Executive Director of KCCA

The song nearly put Bobi Wine in trouble with Uganda Communications Commission threatening to “ban” it after Musisi lodged a complaint – accusing the singer of “attacking her person.”

Having finished his US music tour, Bobi now says Ugandans should brace for a huge concert of “Tugambire ku Jennifer.”

“Well, I have been away for some time for both business and pleasure and not hiding or running away from outcomes of my music,” the popular musician said in an online message to his fans.


“I am now back in full effect to represent the ghetto people as usual. We are bad man, we don’t fear intimidation! Fasten your seat belts for the Tugambire ku J album launch,” Bobi concluded.

Bobi did not give the date for the launch but it’s highly feared KCCA will not grant the singer permission to launch his song album.

Watch this space….

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