“Uganda's Forest Cover To Vanish By 2040”

healing geneva;”>NFA, with support from the Government of Uganda, has raised a substantial number of tree seedlings which will distributed to different districts and planted as way of celebrating the Uganda Golden Jubilee and a move against deforestation in the Country.

This move is anchored on concerns about rapid clearance of Forests in Uganda (on Public and private land), with an estimated 92,000 hectares of forest cover lost annually.

“Of this acreage an estimated 82,000 hectares is lost on private land while about 10,000 hectares is lost in Protected Areas (forest reserves and game parks),” said Mugisha.

He emphasized on the need to plant trees and how effects of climate change are increasingly taking a toll on Uganda saying that with the country’s current deforestation rate, the entire forest cover is projected to vanish by 2040.

“There is, for instance, an increasing incidence of extreme droughts, torrential rains, hail storms, mudslides and receding water-levels currently threatening livelihoods in the country,” said Mugisha.

Mugisha stressed that it is deforestation that has increasingly caused persistent drought, erratic rainfall, devastating storms and declining water levels in Uganda. “All these hazards are threatening food security, livelihoods and long term economic aspirations in Uganda,” he added.

He also acknowledged that tree planting to mark 50 years of independent is going on well and so far planted over 30,000 trees in the districts of Kasese, Bulambuli, Kampala-a long northern bypass.

Some of the partners who have joined NFA in promoting tree planting include Districts, UPDF and Corporations among others.


The President of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Museveni launched this breathtaking Plant tree Initiative on heroes’ day and it was celebrated in Mbarara in June 2012.

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