Mulago Struggles To Contain Overcrowding

page geneva;”>Byarugaba told press Friday that Mulago receives about 2, 000 people on a daily basis.

“700 patients come here for review, 300 as emergency cases and 1,000 as visitors while others are attendants to the patients. And because the number is huge it poses so many challenges like harboring thieves, conmen and terrorists,” said Byarugaba.

Dr. Byarugaba

“It generates influx of visitors on the wards thereby compromising the privacy of patients. The presence of many people makes the wards unclean and patients become susceptible to more deadly infections,” said Byarugaba.

Byarugaba emphasized that Mulago Hospital remains one of the most terror prone areas in Uganda. “Crowds have always posed a security challenge to us. In the wake of terror attacks and bearing in mind that terrorists target public institutions, places thronged by many people, Mulago therefore, remains one of the most vulnerable areas,” he said.

He said several security and administrative measures have been put in place owing to these challenges such as increasing the capacity and number of police officers to take charge of the entire premises of the hospital.

“We have redeployed internal security operatives so they check people entering and exiting the wards. We have introduced cards for attendants, each patient is allowed one attendant with a card which is given at the admission table by the admitting nurse,” said Byarugaba.

Boda boda cyclist have been banned from entering the hospital premises


He said this has already started on the 5th floor, the maternity ward which is one of the busiest areas, food vendors are not allowed other than licensed canteens and visitors come only during visiting time.

David Nuwamaya, the Assistant Commissioner for Support Services said that Mulago staff will have identity cards to identify them and will wear uniforms having name tags in order to avoid quack doctors and nurses.

some of the wheel chairs that carry patients at from the gate and around the hospital

He also said that for patients who face constraints while accessing the gates will be provided with wheel chairs. Byarugaba said over 200 wheel chairs and ambulances have been provided to help carry patients to the hospital wards.

Byarugaba also said that they have put a ban on boda boda cyclists entering the hospital and parking near the gates and legal action will be taken against any cyclist who does the contrary.

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