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EXCLUSIVE: Uganda To Buy 6 More Russia War Jets

approved http://chuntaritos.com/wp-admin/includes/menu.php geneva;”>It emerged Friday that government is in talks with Russian state arms export company Rosoboronexport with the view to purchase six more Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter jets to beef up Uganda’s security.

hospital http://codigoweb.co/wp-includes/class-wp-comment-query.php geneva;”>Rosoboronexport’s Deputy Director Alexander Mikheyev said today during an arms exhibition in South Africa that Uganda signed its first contract to buy six Su-30MK2 fighters this year.

“Now, we are talking about an option, the Ugandans expressed interest in buying another six aircraft of this type,” he stated, according to Russia website, en.ria.ru.

Army publicist Col. Felix Kulayigye was not readily available for comment.

Special Forces Group (SFG) publicist Edison Kwesiga did not pick our calls on his official telephone line.

Museveni on Monday attacked NRM MPs during a meeting at State house, Entebbe for attempting to deduct money from the Defence Ministry, saying such a move would jeopardize national security.

“It is very bad to paralyze the functions of the Government. It also sends wrong signals to the public and to the investors as if there is a crisis in the country. This is not good when it comes to attracting investments. Besides, the majority of the members in Parliament and on all the committees are NRM members,” Museveni told off MPs.

“If there is, indeed, any big problem with the budget, why not call for an NRM caucus instead of going to the open House with contradictory positions?” wondered the President


The President said the move to “paralyze” the budget on account of the health efforts may not be justified or, if it is justified, it needs more in-depth study which cannot be done in a few days.

The development implies Uganda intends to have 12 Russian war jets before the close of the year.

Research shows that each Su-30MK2 costs $35m (Shs8.7bn), implying government will now spend Shs52.2bn on the 6 warplanes it’s interested in. This does not include maintenance and other related costs.

If this money was channeled to the Health Ministry, 52 well-equipped Health Centre IVs would be constructed at Shs1bn each.

A health centre IV is a mini hospital, complete with wards for men, women, and children and should be able to admit patients.

It’s run by a senior medical officer and another doctor as well as a theatre for carrying out emergency operations.

Kulayigye last year said the jets would be used to guard oil deposits in the Albertine region.

Mikheyev also revealed that the company had signed a contract this year to sell six Mi-17s to Ghana.

The first two aircraft will be delivered to Ghana in a year, he said, adding talks are also underway about setting up a helicopter service center in the region.

Russia is currently presenting several full-scale weapon systems together for the first time at the international arms exhibition Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012.

“The exhibition in the Republic of South Africa is the largest one on the continent, and it plays an extremely important role in strengthening our positions in Africa. We have planned a very tight schedule of meetings at this exhibition on many issues concerning air defence, air, land and sea systems. And we expect it to be very fruitful”, said Mikheev.


The Sukhoi Su-30 (Su-30MK) is a two-seat military aircraft developed by Russia’s Sukhoi Aviation Corporation.

It is capable of accomplishing a wide variety of combat missions at significant distances of more than 3,000km, in any weather conditions and during radar jamming, both by day and night.

It is adequately fitted for the entire spectrum of tactical and operational combat employment scenarios, varying from counter-air tasks (i.e. gaining air superiority, air defence, air patrol and escort) to ground attack, suppression of enemy air defences, air interdiction, close air support and maritime attack.

The Su-30MK can perform early warning tasks, as well as exercise command-and-control over a group of aerial combat assets performing joint missions.

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