UPDF Kick Off Massive Air-Defense Drills

viagra geneva;”>The drill kicked off Thursday in Kampala and Entebbe.

approved geneva;”>The jets, ailment which travel at a nearly supersonic speed, shot to Kampala skies at around 10:00am.

Army spokesman Col. Felix Kulayigye was not readily available for comment.

But Chimpreports understands the drills are also meant to reassure the nation of the army’s superior airpower despite a recent incident where Somalia-bound UPDF choppers tumbled down in Mt. Kenya.

Military sources say while the air-defence drills are not “in any way related to or in response to any regional events,” such exercises are necessary to “test jets and pilots’ readiness in preparation for any eventuality.”

U.S. Africa Command recently transferred air-crafts with Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities worth $51.5m to several African countries including Uganda.

The US defense department authorized this deployment whose objective was increasing the effectiveness of U.S. counter-terrorism operations.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) is a surveillance system that uses radar ISR, optical ISR and passive electronic ISR sensors to gather intelligence.


This technology is mainly fitted in fast jets, large airliner class transport airframes, satellites, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

The US transferred in its defense fleet a specific type of air-crafts that carries an ISR system or an ISR payload, and may or may not be manned.

With such technology, Uganda which is emerging as a regional defense and security power, can easily spy on its neighbors and gather invaluable intelligence on its neighbors, rebels, and other forms of threats to its national security.

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