Confession: How “Umeme Touch Pay” Changed My Life

there geneva;”>Whereas UMEME had recently partnered with some banks to enable customers pay their bills through the bank branches, the process still involved travelling some distance.

The process was also laborious and yet most customers have a negative perception about transacting with banks.

Besides this, the experience at both the UMEME Centers and the banking halls was not conducive as it involved lining up for a considerable period of time.

However, in July, the process of paying electricity bills was shortened and made easier.

UMEME introduced the “UMEME Touch Pay- Instant payment Solution” to enable customers foot their power bills by simply using mobile money service which is convenient and cheaper.


One can also pay his/her bill through money mobile or the Umeme Partner banks and get instant account reconciliation.

These banks include; Barclays, Crane bank, Stanbic bank, Bank of Africa, Post bank, DFCU, Standard Chartered Bank, Centenary Bank and CITI bank.

With all this, UMEME customers do not have to suffer disconnections caused by delayed payment reconciliations.

So many people have now resorted to this new way of paying their bills and Chimp Reports (CR) had to get up close with Poline Achan Owiny, a video Production Assistant (PA), a UMEME customer for her opinion on this new initiative.

CR: What is your name and Occupation?

PA: Poline Achan Owiny, a video Production Assistant in Kampala city.

CR: Have you ever paid your electricity bills through bank or mobile money?

PA: Yes, I nowadays pay my bills through mobile money.

CR: How did you come to know about this form of payment?

PA: I saw the advert on TV.

CR: What process did you go through to pay your electricity bill through mobile money?

PA: It was very easy for me. On entering the Mobile Money menu under “Pay Bill”, I entered the UMEME Touch Pay section from where I was required to put my UMEME account number.

Then I was instructed to enter the amount of money I wished to pay, followed by Mobile Money PIN and pressed the send button.

CR: Then what happened next?

PA: A few minutes later, I received an acknowledgement of receipt of payment on my mobile phone. I think I had successfully completed the transaction.

CR: How long did it take to receive another message showing you had fully completed the payment for your power bills?

PA: I remember after just two hours, I got a message confirming the completion of the reconciliation of my UMEME account.

CR: Do you have any regrets with this method of payment?

PA: Not really. I am satisfied. As long as I have money on my mobile money account, I don’t get worried over the long queues in banks.

CR: How else has Umeme Touch Pay been of importance to you?

PA: Given the nature of my work, this initiative saves time. The instructions are very clear. I was at first worried that perhaps my money would be lost because of telecoms’ poor network. This did not happen. The service is effective.

CR: Is the service user-friendly?

PA: (Laughs) Yes, I am learned so I have no issues with following the instructions of payment. You go through a few steps.

CR: Would you recommend your friends or relatives to embrace this service?

PA: Why not? I am already doing that! We live in a hi-tech era so we have no option but welcome and embrace Umeme Touch Pay.

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