6 Important Things to Consider Before Renting a House

While searching for houses to rent, we usually neglect key issues that may affect us or lead to wrangles with neighbors and landlords in the future.

Here are some of the things you should put into consideration before taking on a house.

Signing a contract

Every landlord should have a written agreement clearly indicating the terms and conditions that govern his tenants.

And both of you have to sign it

Betty Musana, a lawyer notes that the contract may contain things like the amount to be paid and when, who pays for power and water, what are the tenants’ rights among other things.

Musana notes that signing this contract means that you agree to everything it contains.

“Some people just sign without even reading through and regret when they have disputes,” she says, adding, “It’s important that you read every document carefully, understand every detail and ask for clarification where needs be to avoid future regrets.”

Check the damages in the house

Idah Mugerwa, a landlord, notes that some people find the house clean and in good shape but leave them badly damaged, and when asked to pay for the damages, they claim they found the house that way.

Mugerwa notes that before entering a house, check for the damages together with the land lord so that you aren’t penalized for something you didn’t do.

Get one that is pocket friendly

To keep a certain status, some people go for expensive houses yet they are financially down.

Get a house that fits in your measure to avoid future embarrassments or failing to develop as all your money will be taken by house rent.

It’s a rental and not your house so spend little and save more for future development.

“You have to decide how much rent you are capable of paying. You should never spend more than 20 per cent of your take-home income on housing. Depending on your other financial obligations and your personal financial goals you may want to spend even less. But no matter what price point you decide on, once you have a number in mind, stick to it. And do not, under any circumstances, look at houses that exceed your budget,” said Mugerwa.

Who are you dealing with

He further notes that he has seen so many people lose their money because they paid to the wrong people.

Before paying any money, make sure the person you are dealing with is the actual owner of that particular place.

Brokers sometimes pretend to be house owners and rob people.

Make sure your broker is accredited – he should have an office and must be well known in that particular place.

Your neighborhood

A rental is a second home and as you seek for comfort, a place to rest, and a good neighborhood is a necessity,

Musana notes that you should look out for the nearest police station in case of a problem,  check the crime rate, the rate of development as you may need to start up something among other things.

Security is important. You should get a house whereby even if you aren’t around for a month or more, your property is safe.

Be sure before you accept or pay for a house online 

Not all that glitters is gold.

Some people check out houses on the internet, and are quick to pay for them which is a bad idea.

Sometimes, pictures are deceptive. You also need to inspect the area to know the kind of neighborhood you are getting into, who will be your neighbors, what’s the security like among other things.

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