FDC: NRM Bought Usuk By-election

website like this http://chernichovsky.com/wp-admin/includes/update-core.php geneva;”>Bamwenda said Kayihura has on several occasions blamed the opposition of inciting violence among the citizens during election campaigns yet it were police that have not taken action against the NRM cadres who perpetrate a reign of terror and torture voters.

symptoms geneva;”>Bamwenda added Kayihura is a total disappointment to the people of this country “who are his bosses but whom he continues treating unfairly.”

approved geneva;”>He said it was during Kayihura’s regime that acts of election violence have emerged in the country without an action taken on those who are responsible.

Bamwenda added the recently concluded Usuk by-elections were full of intimidation and harassment of locals with including some opposition legislators having their vehicles vandalized.

Speaking to press at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi on Monday, Bamwenda said there was heavy deployment of military, police, RDCs and military personnel who instigated violence in Usuk.

“It is no surprise for the NRM to win in Usuk since it is well known for winning in places of massive poverty of which Usuk is a victim. The NRM distributed a lot of money to the poor people of Usuk who had no option but rather to vote for the NRM candidate,” said Bamwenda.

Proscovia Alengot Oromait defeated the opposition and Independent candidates in last week’s election in Usuk.

Meanwhile, Bamwenda said the increment in the budget estimates of the Ministry of Health to Shs265 is timely and the Parliament shouldn’t take long to implement it.


Bamwenda maintained that in a situation where hospitals, including regional and national referrals have no drugs and a few medical personnel, the government should react amicably to save the lives of many Ugandans who can’t go abroad for treatment such as Ministers after falling sick.

He further said government should deduct money from other ministries to avail money required by the Ministry of Health as a supplementary budget.

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