M7 Passes Out 400 Cadets, Warns Politicians On Economic Sabotage,

clinic geneva; font-size: small;”>Museveni was on Saturday passing out over 400 Officer Cadets, who have completed a 1-year military training at the Military Training Academy, Kabamba in Mubende district.

He warned that the government would no longer tolerate any one who tries to derail the national economy of Uganda.

He explained that whereas the NRM government has done a lot in the pacification and development of the country, some civil servants and politicians continue to interfere with the work of the private sector either out of ignorance or outright corruption.

The President told the gathering that included Members of Parliament and Mubende district officials as well as delegations from Burundi, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia, that in the past soldiers used to play the same role of frustrating economic growth but the UPDF of today, is extremely disciplined and cannot engage in such heinous practices.

He added that it is the same discipline that has enabled the army stay and play a leading role in pacifying the Horn of Africa country of Somalia.

He, therefore, urged all Ugandans to join the government in building and strengthening the national economy through several ways that include, among others, adopting modern commercial agriculture. He also pointed out that since the country is now peaceful and democracy is in place, the economy should also grow very fast in order to address challenges facing wanainchi.


Museveni reminded the gathering that on September 17 2012, Uganda will remember and commemorate 40 years since the first attack on the Idi Amin regime that was carried out adding since that time the strength of the army has been built.

Addressing himself to the Officer Cadets who had concluded their training, General Museveni congratulated them upon their achievement but strongly advised them to embrace the spirit of hard work like their predecessors, exercise a high degree of discipline and patriotism by carrying out all their assignments with diligence and enthusiasm and also maintain good relationship with wanainchi.

He also urged senior officers to ensure that the new Officer Cadets continue with their training and knowledge acquisition.

Museveni called on the graduands to stay healthy by avoiding maladies like the HIV/AIDS scourge and alcohol consumption so as to remain strong to continue training and serving their motherland.

Earlier, President Museveni, on arrival at the military academy, commissioned new infrastructure at the school. He also during the pass out ceremony gave presents to the best performing students during the course.

The best overall student was Ponny Santo Hassan; the best in class was Moses Omayo Okello while the best in the field was Bananukye Nathan. The best disciplined student was 2nd Lieutenant Patrick Katushabe Atwooki, with Michael Busungu from Tanzania scooping the best allied student.

Present at the function were the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt. General Ivan Koreta, the Commandant of the Military Academy, Brigadier Clovis Kalyebara and other senior military officers, among others.

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