Kate Evokes Memories of Princess Diana

adiposity geneva;”>She covered her head and removed her shoes for a visit to Kuala Lumpur Mosque. Kate echoed her late mother-in-law (pictured right) in a pale grey dress by Beulah London with a draped head scarf. She and Prince William both had to take off their shoes – with Kate going barefoot – while they visited the Assyakirin Mosque, pills which is the biggest in Malaysia and can host 6,000 people for Friday prayers. Diana visited a mosque in Egypt in 1992

This evoked memories of Princess Diana as they immerse themselves into another adventure as part of their South East Asian and Pacific tour by visiting Kuala Lumpur Mosque. The Duke of Cambridge and his natively clad Duchess Bride were on their nine-day trek making Queen Elizabeth 11’s Diamond Jubilee.

Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, born 9 January 1982 grew up in a Chapel Row at Bucklebury, studied in Scotland at the University of St Andrews where she met the then Prince William of Wales in 2001 and they later got married in April 2011. Due to her major impact upon British Fashion she was termed as the “Kate Middleton effect”.

Kate Middleton is usually related to Princess Diana in form and in fashion because she always steps out with the look of Diana.

They are both referred to as ladies because they are demure and respectable, they come from humble family backgrounds (commoners), Diana was from a family of aristocrats and Kate is from a family of prestige. They both seem to be very fashion forward, Diana was known for setting fashion trends and Kate seems to be already following in her footsteps. They met their grooms when they were nineteen years old, although Diana got married to Charles at nineteen, Kate got married to William after 10 years.

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