EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: GNL Writes History With Record-Breaking Animated Video

cialis 40mg http://concernedafricascholars.org/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/tooltips.php geneva;”>Hundreds of the singer’s fans gathered Thursday at Club Amnesia in Kampala for the thrilling launch of the fully animated video of Power, sildenafil http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/category.php a song off the popular renaissance album.

GNL (black shirt and glasses) in company of Baboon Forest members

Dressed in a black outfit and accompanied by a white lady, GNL could not hide his joy as the song was played live on giant screens in the nightspot.

Some of GNL’s fans who turned up for the launch of his animated video

Surrounded by a group of friends including singer Viboyo, GNL enjoyed several glasses of liquor as excited fans took a glimpse of the first animated video in the history of Uganda’s music industry.


This gal was excited by GNL’s animated video during the launch at Amnesia nightclub on Thursday

Chimp Corps say from the onset, the animated words and special effects that compliment GNL’s rhymes are in exact tune with the subject of his verse.

Some of GNL’s friends who attended the launch of the animated video

Most fans appreciated the humor, special features, good diction, great track and amazing lyrics of the video which is dominantly in English with one Lugaflow verse. Baboon Forest members say the video graphics, which are in an avatar mode, were managed and edited by Kino of Dragonfly media.

GNL’s (white tie) body language sparked fears that he could be in love with this white girl

GNL now joins international stars Eminem and Kanye West, whose animated videos are making waves across the world.

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