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Police Attempts To “Kill” Defilement Case Sparks Fury

decease "sans-serif";”>It all started early this month when seven-year-old Angela (not real name), pharm a resident of Kifumbira, Mulago zone 3 -Kawempe division in Kampala, was raped after being sent by a neighbor to buy cooking oil from a nearby shop.

Mariam Mutoni, a neighbor of the victim, reveals that her sister sent Angela to buy cooking oil at 2:00 pm before waiting for long because the girl delayed returning.

Fearing for Angela’s safety, Mutoni decided to inform the girl’s mother – who confidently said her daughter could not “just disappear” because she had always sent her to the very shop and promptly returned.

Four hours passed. Angela was missing.

That’s when it became clear that there was something more than meets the eye.

Word passed around Kawempe Division that Angela could hardly be traced.

At around 6:00pm, friends and Angela’s grief-struck mother reported the case at Mawanda police station as well as Kiira police station.


Luckily, at around 7:30pm, the little girl was seen standing by the roadside with a male stranger who had picked her from the Northern by-pass.

Angela was bleeding profusely from her private parts.

“Angela looked exhausted as she whimpered in unbearable pain,” recounts Mutoni.

The girl was rushed to Mulago Referral Hospital for swift and urgent medical attention.

There was panic that Angela would succumb to over bleeding.

At 10:00pm, the defenseless girl’s health situation worsened. It was not until a few days later that Angela regained consciousness.

Angela promised to take her parents to the house of the suspected defiler to facilitate his arrest.

“Angela is a brilliant girl. She was confident that tracing her tormentor’s home would not be a hard nut for her to crack,” says Mutoni in an exclusive interview with Chimpreports at Kiira Road Police Station.

As she lay on her sickbed, Angela told her parents that while at the shop where she had been sent for cooking oil, she was grabbed by a stranger who promised to give her sweet bananas and sweets if she would move with him up to his home.

When they reached the suspected defiler’s home, Nsenge used cold water to wash Angela’s private parts before doing the wrong thing.

Angela boldly gathered her all in defence of her integrity but her weak punches on Nsenge’s enormous chest were just kicks of a dying horse.

Firmly, Nsege, according to Angela’s account, held her to the ground before coercing her into unwanted and painful sex.

A few days later, together with police officers, Angela led her parents to Kisalosalo in Kyebando, Kawempe Division, where the girl claimed was the home she was defiled from.

When Nsenge was approached by a plain-clothed detective, the suspect attempted to leap over the wall fence of his house and escape.

Fortunately, Angela’s father, John Nyiyonzima, quickly grabbed Nsenge’s leg before hurling the suspect to the ground.


Detectives handcuffed Nsenge who was later driven to Kiira Road Police station. He was grilled and detained.

Now, as Mulago doctors toil to treat Angela’s ruptured hymen and parents sell their hard-earned belongings to raise funds to save their daughter’s life, Nsenge is skillfully trying to dodge the long arm of the law by bribing police.

It has now emerged that Nsenge told his associates to sell his house with the view to raise Shs5m.

And early this week, police sources have told this investigative website, Nsenge’s friends dropped a letter at the office occupied by the Kiira Road CID boss, promising Shs5m if he “killed” the case.

All Kiira Road police bosses have refused to speak to us.

But information obtained indicates that the lengthy detention of the suspect could have been aimed at facilitating “peace talks” between the family of Angela and Nsenge’s.

The victim’s father, together with his friends stormed the office of the CID at Kiira police station on Tuesday demanding for Nsenge’s case file.

They also wondered why the suspect had spent this long period without being forwarded to court for prosecution if detectives were not harboring ulterior motives.

The CID officials simply told Angela’s defenders to “just go back home and return tomorrow for updates.”

As we write this, Angela is hospitalized at Mulago Referral Hospital.

Her private parts are being stitched.

“We shall follow up the case until justice prevails,” added Mutoni.

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