Zari Eyeing Basketball Star Lugudde?

recipe geneva;”>The wealthy businesswoman may be engaged to Ivan Ssemwanga but rumour has it that she’s has got eyes for LK 4 basketball star, Isaac Lugudde.

It makes a lot of sense considering that Lugudde is extremely talented and fashionable, to say the least!
Zari appears to have always been interested in the basketball star and wasn’t afraid to show it: from hanging around with him at the Boda Boda nightspot in Kampala recently.

Though he may have privately been courting Zari, he can now be more public about his interest in the Ugandan reality star. The development comes at a time when Zari is reportedly at loggerheads with hubby Ssemwanga.

It’s yet unclear whether Zari is trying to move on and make a romantic future with Lugudde following a recent case of domestic violence in which she was reportedly assaulted by Ssemwanga.

It has emerged that on August 25, men, reportedly sent by Ssemwanga, attacked Lugudde who was hanging out with Zari at Boda Boda.


Lugudde told Chimp Corps: “It’s true, Zari and I were caught at Boda Boda by Ivan’s private detectives.”

He added: “They caused a scene there. They are even trailing me. I fear for my life.”

Zari has been working hard to maintain her celeb status in Uganda.

She is yet to respond to our email.

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