Hilderman: I am Not Dating My Manager Yvonne

Hilderman rubbished as “mere concoctions and falsehoods” that he had been recently spotted kissing Yvonne dead in the night.

Speaking to Chimp Corps on Tuesday morning, Hilderman attributed his woes to an unidentified former lover who was hell-bent on tarnishing his name.

“Can you imagine it is my ex lover coming up with all this? She is framing me here,” said Hilderman.

Hilderman further accused Yvonne of “being used” his ex lover in a cyber campaign to rip apart his marriage.

Chimp could not independently verify this claim as Yvonne could not be reached on her known mobile phone number for her side of the story.

The rumour had earlier indicated that Hilderman had been spotted on several occasions entering Yvonne’s apartment in the night.


It’s yet unclear whether Yvonne is still serving as Hilderman’s manager.

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