FDC Call For Regime Change

“The only way to do away with corruption is through regime change. We need political will and zeal to ensure that we do away with this evil,” Toterebuka told press at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala.

He was referring to a survey done by Transparency International, Uganda which last week showed that Uganda was the most corrupt country in East Africa.

“The existing laws are enough to fight corruption but there is no political will to stamp it out,” he added.

Toterebuka did not mention ways how the government should be removed.

He also rubbished reports by Nadala Mafabi’s strategists that Mugisha Muntu was an NRM mole, saying they were inspired by nothing but hate.

“FDC presidential campaigns are going on well. There is no discomfort and if any, we know the routes to take and the candidates know what to do not to overstep their boundaries. We may disagree but it should not amount to hate campaigns,” cautioned Bamwenda.


He further explained that party members have enough knowledge about the candidates.

Toterebuka also suggested that the army should be subordinate to the civilian authority by stepping down to allow a civilian person to rule the country.

“Idi Amin used a coup to come to power, Tito Okello and Museveni used violence to come to power. However FDC is using civil democracy means to access power. We shall never use violent means,” said Toterebuka.

On Butambala by-election campaigns, Toterebuka said Moses Kasule decided to step down for Muwanga Kivumbi of Democratic Party on his own will.

He said that the party constitution clearly states that a candidate has a right to step down for anyone else if one so wishes.

Toterebuka expressed confidence that opposition would emerge victorious in the election.

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