EXCLUSIVE: FDC Warn Mafabi Against Attacking Gen. Muntu

approved price geneva;”>In a meeting held on Friday at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi, shop sale Kampala, side effects Mugarura clearly warned Mafabi of grave consequences if he fell short of restraining his agents from launching personal attacks against Muntu during the party presidential campaigns.

Mugarura elaborated that such attacks would create divisions in the party which would work in favour of the ruling NRM in future.

Mugarura further said the campaigns should be “issue-based” if the opposition party was to look any different from NRM, which is reeling in internal squabbles.

The FDC EC boss maintained the party’s cohesion should not be sacrificed just for the sake of a Presidential election.

“Yes, it’s true we agreed with Mafabi, Muntu and Geoffrey Ekanya that each presidential candidate should reign in on their loose cannons,” confirmed the deputy FDC EC boss Michael Kabaziguruka.

“We made it clear to the candidates that the party should emerge stronger from this presidential election and therefore there was urgent need for respect for each other,” Kabaziguruka told Chimpreports news desk.


The development comes just a fortnight when Mafabi’s chief strategist Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga launched a scathing attack on Muntu, whom he accused of being in bed with NRM.

During the launch of Mafabi’s election campaigns in Kasangati, Rubaramira said Muntu was very close to Museveni’s army Generals and time was ripe for a “civilian president.”

The statement rattled the party and left Mafabi’s camp with a smear campaign scandal on its face.

During the same meeting, which was attended by all the FDC presidential candidates, Mugarura said there was no need for Mafabi to resign as Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

The party’s EC had earlier consulted FDC lawyer Wandera Ogalo on resignation or taking leave of absence of the LOP docket by Mafabi.

Mugarura on August 19 wrote to Mafabi: “Please read parliamentary elections act (2005) article 25 (i) & (ii) and presidential elections act (2005) article 27 (i) & (ii). The restriction is on use of government resources. Both Articles neither mandate resignation nor leave of absence.”

He further stated: “FDC election rules and guidelines should be in tandem with the National constitution. I therefore hold that Hon Nandala Mafabi and Hon Geoffrey Ekanya restrict themselves from use of government resources but do not have to take leave of government offices.”

Mugarura, however, quickly added that “Those resources should be documented and handed over to our Party Chief Whip before campaigns commence.”

He also clarified that “Hon Nandala and Hon Ekanya, however, are mandated to take leave of office from their FDC party office responsibilities, which they have already done.”

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