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AMISOM Forces Capture Miido Town, Kill 36 Al‐Shabaab

Miido is situated 16 kilometres south of Afmadow, which was secured by AMISOM troops in July 2012.

During the operation, 7 Al?Shabaab vehicles and logistic supplies were destroyed while other assorted weapons and ammunition were recovered.

Regrettably, 5 AMISOM personnel are missing in action after the incident.

Their status is currently unclear, but search and rescue operation has been mounted.

Three other AMISOM soldiers sustained injuries and have been flown to Dobley for medical attention.

AMISOM Force Commander Lt?Gen Andrew Gutti said: “This was a brave and important operation conducted by the AMISOM forces in lower Juba. Securing the strategic town of Miido will allow local community to rebuild their lives free from the terror and tyranny imposed by Al?Shabaab.


“I pay tribute to the bravery and commitment of all the soldiers involved in this operation. AMISOM is committed to protecting hard won security gains to ensure Somalia continues on the road to a sustainable peace,” said Gutti.

In a related development, Gutti rejected Al-Shabaab claims suggesting that Afmadow town is not secure as “untrue and baseless propaganda”.

Gutti said Afmadow remains in the full control and security of AMISOM troops.

“Al-Shabaab has issued untrue and baseless propaganda suggesting otherwise. It is a desperate attempt by Al-Shabaab, misrepresenting the realities on the ground where AMISOM troops are providing security and stability to allow the local population to carry on with their normal lives, free from the fear, intimidation and violence propagated by Al-Shabaab,” said Gutti.

The AMISOM commander also confirmed that reports of helicopters downed near Afmadow were also untrue: “No helicopters have been attacked. This is also untrue Al-Shabaab propaganda with no basis in fact”.

AMISOM troops have been providing security and stability to the local people of Afmadow since securing the town over two months ago.

AMISOM operations in Afmadow have been led by the Kenyan contingent, which officially became part of AMISOM in February 2012.

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