EXCLUSIVE: Crisis As Ebola Encircles Uganda

remedy geneva; font-size: small;”>As if this is not scaring enough, the Ministry of Health General Health Services Director Dr K Lwamafa said the number of suspected Ebola cases registered at Kagadi Government hospital in Kibaale district had since Monday increased from seven to 18 patients.

“Currently there are three confirmed cases and 15 suspects admitted at the isolation facility. The patients are receiving the appropriate treatment from the medical team dispatched from the National Taskforce jointly with local hospital staff,” said Lwamafa.

But after issuing the statement, Mbarara District Health Officer Dr. Amoti Kaguna confirmed two new Ebola cases.

“Yes, it’s true we have two cases of Ebola in isolation centre. We will issue a conclusive statement tomorrow at 9am,” confirmed Kaguna. also understands that 19 new Ebola cases had been reported in Mubende district and nurses were turning away from patients in fear of contracting Ebola.

As tension hit boiling levels that the virus could have spread further than earlier anticipated, sources at Mulago Hospital, where a medical officer from Kagadi passed away after being hit by Ebola, 7 doctors and other 13 health workers were quarantined.

But Lwamafa said only eight health workers who attended to the suspect cases are being closely monitored.

“An isolation policy arrangement to last 21 days has been put in place as active monitoring continues. Plans are underway to set up an isolation facility at Mulago Hospital in readiness for any alerts and suspected cases from Kampala and neighbouring districts,” noted Lwamafa.


The Ebola strike is a big test to the Health Ministry’s ability to control a scourge of enormous proportions that has brought the country to its knees by putting thousands of precious lives at stake.

Uganda will also pay dearly in terms of Tourism considering that Ebola has hit hard western Uganda, the home to most visited tourist centers such as national parks, game reserves, mountains and rivers.


Nevertheless, Lwamafa said most of the patients are responding positively to the treatment administered to them.

“The increased number follows the quick response given to suspected alerts from various parts of the district. The patients are currently admitted at the hospital isolation facility after they presented with Ebola signs,” he said.

“There have been no more deaths recorded since the announcement of the outbreak on July 28. The death toll remains at 14. A total of 16 samples have since the outbreak been collected from the suspect cases for investigation at the Uganda Virus Research Institute,” said Lwamafa.

The Ministry of Health is actively and closely following up to 40 people who are suspected to have got into contact with the dead.

“These contacts have not shown any signs of the disease but will be monitored for 21 days. After 21 days they will be declared Ebola-free meaning that they did not contract the disease.”

“The public is therefore requested to stay calm as everything is being done to manage the outbreak.

The ministry of health advises the public to ensure that the recommended safety measures are adhered to and refer to any suspected cases to a nearby health facility for check up,” said Lwamafa.

Ebola presents with fever, vomiting diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, measles-like rash, red eyes and sometimes with bleeding from body openings.

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