London 2012: Ssekyaya Surprised By Weightlifting Outing

This was despite his weight being 30kg less than his personal best of 265kg and having a good lift call from all the three referees over turned by the jury.

Ssekyaya, who will be making 18 in November, said that he was tensed up before he took of the platform, but the performance increased his confidence and urge to seek more medals.

London 2012 Olympic Games

Group B results

Name Snatch C & J Total

1. M. Hasaba (INA) 138 601 301


2. A. Saad (EGY) 130 162 292

3. M. Minguel (FSM) 127 158 285

6. C. Ssekyaya (UGA) 105 130 235

The weightlifter, who has been based in Colorado Springs under the Olympic Solidarity Programme had given up any dreams of making it to the London 2012 Olympic Games, until about two months ago when he was officially told that he had a wild card.

“It was a tough task and it left me with weaker muscles. That is why I under declared my starting weight as I was not confident to go for the better weights,” he said after his competition.

Ssekyaya declared 100kg in the snatch category and 130kgin the Clean and Jerk category, which he lifted with ease.

He then went on to lift 105kg in the snatch, before he failed on the 108 category.

When it came to the Clean and Jerk, he raised the bar at 135kg on second attempt, and the referees flagged him with a good lift.

However, after he had gone back to the warm area, the jury signaled for a brief meeting and after about 15 minutes, it was overturned and given a no lift- saying there was pressure exerted on one of the arms.

With one more attempt remaining; he went in for 140kg which he failed to lift.

“The decision to overturn my lift had an effect on me but those are the rules. I am happy that I have been able to lift that weight. I could not do it even in training,” said the lifter.

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