Bebe cool: I'll Beat The Hell Out Of 'Mikey Mouse'

visit web geneva; font-size: small;”>Bebe told all and sundry at his new Gagamel night at Steak Out on Saturday that that was just a tip of the ice berg and that each time that he meets the fellow and belittles him, the singer will beat him up.

And as if to make his point, the fellow claimed that even if they reported him to the Inspector General of Police, he would no to be blamed for disciplining what he claimed is an erratic Mikey Mouse.

Meanwhile, Gagamel’s first night was a success as Bebe put up an irresistibly sweet performance with hundreds who turned up for the breathtaking gig agreeing that it was pretty eye-rollingly sentimental.

The Gagamel Night will be held once in a month at the Nakasero nightspot.

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