Terrorists Plan To Bomb Kampala This Weekend – Police

help geneva;”>In a press statement issued at 7:51pm, nurse Police deputy spokesperson Emilian Kayima said there is evidence that terrorists had sneaked into Kampala with the view of blowing up social centers.

“We have overwhelming evidence that terrorists entered this country a few days ago and plan to attack either tonight or tomorrow. We are putting the nation on high alert,” Kayima told this reporter in a telephone call.

He also released the photograph of the suspected terrorist Mohammed Liban Haji under security control number B-603/7-2012.

He is also wanted by the United States for terror activities under file number 2012/31982. Liban was last photographed on June 26 2009 in Virginia, United States.

He was born on January 4 1986 In Somalia though a US national.

Liban’s mother has been identified as Ali Bella Mohamed.

A taxi driver by occupation, Liban speaks English, Somali and Arabic. Among the countries he has visited are United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and South Africa.

His height is 185cm and weighs 88kilograms.


Other body features are black hair and brown eyes. has separately established that all security organs have been put on maximum alert to intervene as fast as possible in case of a terror strike.

Hundreds of spies, sniffer dogs and intelligence gathering vans have also been deployed to comb the city of any explosives.

Intelligence sources say they don’t have any specific information of targeted areas but admitted a security lapse had led to the infiltration of a “good number of terrorists who have put security on terntehooks.”

The police special anti-terrorist units have also been deployed in plain-clothes to engage terrorists in close combat in case they choose to randomly fire into crowds.

Kampala bore the brunt of massive twin terror strikes in 2010 which left over 79 dead and scores injured.

The development comes hardly a week after police seized seven suspected terrorists of Ethiopian and Eritrean origin at Jussy Hotel in Mbarara.

Below is police’s verbatim statement.


There is information of a possible terror attack on Uganda tonight 28, July 2012 following entry of suspected terrorists in the country.

Following a football match between Uganda and Ghana Black Satellites at Nakivubo Stadium this evening, many people are likely to celebrate the weekend match in places of entertainment which are the prime targets of the terrorists.

The public should take extra caution on their personal security and surroundings. They should be vigilant, observant and suspicious of people, objects, motor vehicles and other characters around them.

It is paramount that the revelers only go to places that have sufficient security systems in place. Proprietors of these places should ensure that they have visible alert guards and controlled access.

The Uganda Police Force and other security agencies have intensified security measures to prevent any possible terror attack.

The security agencies are working hand in hand with the owners of hotels, transport industry, entertainment places and market leaders to enhance security in these places.

The public is warned to report any suspicious objects and persons around them on the following toll free police telephone lines;





The Photograph and personal details of the terrorist is here attached on this notice. Police appeals to whoever has information leading to his arrest and prosecution to provide it on the above telephone lines.

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