Museveni Urges Kayunga Leaders: Stop Fighting

medical geneva; font-size: small;”>While meeting a delegation of Kayunga leaders led by the State Minister for the Elderly and Disabled Suleiman Madada, at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura district on Thursday the President said where as leaders may differ in their methods of work, it was important that they discuss and work together for the good of their people rather than conflicting and dividing the people further that may greatly work against development.

The President said the NRM as a mass party derives her strength from the people at the grass root and all the leaders should do must be in the people’s interest. He said that leaders need to do a lot of social-political research and establish the needs of the people they serve so as to find solutions to those particular problems.

Rivalry between the Woman Member of Parliament Aidah Nantaba and the LC5 chairperson Eng. Stephen Dagada has caused tension in the district and slowed down efforts to resolves burning issues such as land conflicts and food shortages.

On the reported illegal evictions in the district that has resulted into a number of conflicts the President said his government will not sit aside while citizens are illegally evicted.

The President said that he was to use Kayunga district to launch a struggle against land grabbing the way he used Luwero to launch a struggle against dictatorship.

He attributed increased illegal evictions to the collusion between land lords and some organs of the state taking advantage of the peasant’s ignorance about the prevailing land law that stringent and passes heavy penalties to those evicting people illegally.

During the meeting the Kayunga leaders agreed to put aside their differences and work together for the good of their people and the strength of the National Resistance Movement.

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