HOW IT HAPPENED: Chameleone Storms Tanzania Embassy Over Passport

8:21am: Chameleone has a few minutes ago talked exclusively to Chimpreports.com.

The singer explained that he would not leave the embassy until the ambassador ordered music promoter Shigongo to release his passport.

The case was registered as 731/607/2012 at Central Police Station.

“I have already received at least USD 10, online 000 for the Shengen music tour – where I am supposed to perform in Norway, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark but this thug is holding my passport,” charged Chameleone.

The promoter also withheld passports of the singer’s aides only identified as DJ Black and rapper Dennis Lama.

“I want the Ambassador to order Shigongo to release my passport before I leave this place,” Chameleone charged.


He also exchanged hot words with the embassy guards who had threatened to arrest him for compromising the premises’ security.

Police have deployed heavily to maintain law and order.

6:00am: Jose Chameleone has Thursday camped at the premises of the Tanzania embassy in Kampala. The singer stormed the Nakasero-based embassy at around 5am.

He is accompanied by journalists, aides and supporters.

He told Chimp Corps he wants the ambassador to intervene in a saga where a Tanzania music promoter confiscated his passport over a deal gone bad thus disrupting his planned trips to several Scandinavian countries.

Follow our timeline for the latest updates:

7:30pm; Wednesday: Uganda’s top musician Jose Chameleone has threatened to “bring East Africa down” if a music promoter does not release his passport before close of this week.

Speaking to friends on Wednesday, the Valu Valu star accused the Chief Executive Officer of the Tanzania-based Global Publishers Eric Shigongo of confiscating his passport after a Kampala “conman” swindled the latter’s $3,500.

Sources tell Chimpreports.com that Chameleone is supposed to perform at the Olympics in London on August 2. He has already received his payment.

The singer has also received a down payment to perform at Miss Belgium on September 1; in Malawi on November 24 and Wembley for the Africa Unplugged show.

Should Chameleone fail to turn up for the shows, he will have to refund the money or face arrest.

The artiste told friends last night that a conman identified as George Mugabo lied Shigongo that he was his manager.

Mugabo then received $3,500 on Chameleone’s behalf as part of payment for performances in Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan.

Chameleone went ahead and performed at the Tanzania National Stadium on July 7 as agreed per the terms of the contract.

Chameleone was shocked after the function when the promoter fell short of giving him some money as down payment.

Shigongo said he had given $3,500 to Mugabo who approached him as Chameleone’s manager.

The hot-tempered musician then threatened not to perform in Rwanda and South Sudan, saying the money had landed in the hands of a conman.

Shigongo swiftly grabbed Chameleone’s passport as security in case he did not perform at the remaining two shows.

“I was assisted by the Ugandan Embassy in Dar el salaam, who gave me a temporary document to return me home. On returning to Uganda I hunted for the conman, arrested him and handed him over to police, who freed him on conditions I don’t know,” said Chameleone.

“I explained to the Tanzanian ambassador at the Tanzanian High Commission in Uganda for assistance but it appears he might not help me,” he added.

Chameleone added that he is set for other shows in South Africa, England, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Canada.

While Chameleone later performed in Rwanda, he is yet to appear in South Sudan.

“Am I liable to the promoter’s negligence that he trusted a conman? Is it fair that an unauthorized Tanzanian citizen can keep my passport for over a month?” he wondered.

As we write now, Chameleone is totally stranded, implying music promoters who have already paid some cash advances could be in for a shock as they guy might fail to turn up for their concerts.

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