52 Momentous Photos from Uganda-Kenya Rugby Match

Kenya Simbas plugged Uganda Cranes 23-18 in a surging Elgon Cup first leg match at Legends Rugby Club, Kampala on Saturday.

The much anticipated evening turned out to be partly miserable for Uganda, especially the fans since they had expected to get on Kenyan nerves.

For the last few days, there have been aggressive social media engagements between Ugandans and Kenyans in Kilimani Mums and Dads Facebook group.

With the Elgon cup showdown drawing nigh, both sides were eagerly awaiting the results to see who wins the physical confrontation since the virtual face-off proved futile.

Kenya could have won the match, but Ugandans showed Kenyans that Peal of Africa is also good at a host of amazing things – fashion, parting and beauty.

Our camera roved around the area; below we bring you some of the photos.

A lady clad in denim shorts arrives for the match
A lady ordering for roasted meat
A lady looking cool in a maroon jumpsuit
A girl strikes a classy look in shades
A stylish lady arriving for the rugby match
Happy girls taking selfies
Girls appearing adorable in Cranes Jersey
Fans order for drinks at the serving point
Some mums came along with their kids
A lady looking great in a black hat
Ladies looking stylish in black Uber Tees
Men roasting meat for the fans to accompany with beer
A Kenyan fan wearing a flag
A girl wearing Uganda flag colours on her cheek
Children also came to support
A man fetches beer for fans
A gentleman carrying a glass of beer
A fan carrying a bottle of beer
A man carrying a Uganda flag
A tattooed chap lifting a bottle of beer
A lady clad in cargo pants spectating the match
The match gave some individuals a business opportunity
A lady carrying a package of Muchomo and beer
Friends dressed casually for the match
A fan looking great in a red top
Fans pose for a photo
An excited group of white revelers
A lady looking nice in a vest and denim jeans
A cheerleader blowing a vuvuzela
Rugby Cranes players move around the pitch after the match to wave at fans
A player moves to the pavilion to say hello to fans and friends
Kenyans pose with a player for a selfie
Kenyan fans pose for a photo
Girls dressed casually
Fans of Rugby Cranes pose for a photo
A female cheerleader from Kenyan poses with a Kenyan flag
Friends pose for a photo
Kenyan rugby fans at the match
Fan from Kenya pose for a picture
Kenyan fans at Lugogo rugby grounds
Men supporting children on shoulders
A kid strikes a goofey pose for a photo
Fans at the event
Friends having a happy moment
A couple enjoys a jam after the match
Friends relaxing after the match
A girl poses for our camera
Some of the kids who turned up for the match
Friends get together for Kaboozi after the match
A Bohemian looking white poses with kids for a photo
Friends gather for a night of beer
A fan wearing Uganda flag after the match
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