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Jannette Asks Wati: Will You Marry me?

this web geneva;”>Jannette was a very busy girl last evening, salve like she promised she would be.

In her Diary Session today, Jannette told Biggie that she will use alcohol to forget that she is Nominated for possible Eviction.

The Ugandan cutie downed a couple of shots as expected and entertained her fellow Housemates.

She asked Wati if she would marry her, if she got on her knees and proposed. Wati did not hesitate.

“Of course I would,” he said. Wati promised he would not only marry her, but that he would provide for their babies.

Below are other hottest stories from the house as pressure heats up ahead of the grad finale earlier next month.

“Jannette Is Your Responsibility”


Kyle almost had his head bitten off by Talia, for allowing Jannette to drink as much as he does.

After Jannette finally called it a night, Talia laid into Kyle for allowing Jannette’s drinking to escalate as much as it normally does. “Where have you been when she has done all these things,” Talia asked.

Kyle defended himself and revealed how he has had a countless number of talks with her about her problems with alcohol.

“When I spoke to her, she told me she is over 21 and is legal. She told me she will continue drinking. I cannot control her, but I definitely have spoken to her on several occasions,” Kyle said.

The mini-argument continued, with Kyle sticking to his guns. The Ugandan insisted however, that he will not give up on Jannette.

Jannette Throws Up!

Jannette clearly had a little too much to drink tonight.

After downing shot after shot this evening, things finally came to a head for little Jannette. The Ugandan lass stumbled out of the Jacuzzi, where she and the rest of the Housemates (excluding Prezzo and Lady May) had chosen to spend the rest of their evening.

She headed straight to the bedroom where she attempted to sleep. She quickly rolled out of bed and fell to her knees.

After she was done throwing up, she attempted to clean the floor and then crawled back to her bed.

Earlier, she showed off her butt crack when she stripped down to the bare minimums, for a dip in the jacuzzi.

“The Pressure Is Getting To Us”

Keagan and Kyle playfully took digs at each other this evening.

The Housemates have been hard at work on the t-shirts they are supposed to paint for charity. As the evening wore on and the Housemates started getting tired, Keagan and Kyle turned the heat up just a notch with some verbal banter that seemed to excite their fellow Housemates.

The two flexed their skills in the living room and went at each other as everyone listened. Jannette, Talia and Wati of course, were on hand to give running commentary.

When things threatened to take a more dangerous level, Talia and Jannette were on hand to douse the fire.

“Uh Oh! It looks like it’s starting to get personal,” they said, encouraging the boys to keep things friendly.

Talia even playfully noted that the pressure is getting to everyone.

Bono Drops In!

Irish Rock star Bono, dropped in with a little message for the Housemates this evening.

After welcoming prolific Nigerian musician, 2Face Idibia to the House this afternoon, the surprises just kept coming.

Irish Rock legend, Bono, dropped in with a message for the Housemates.

Although the Superstar spoke to the gang via satellite link, the excitement in the House was palpable.

“This is your Irish Rocker fan, Bono. How are you Big Brother’s little Sisters,” he said, to the amazement of all in the House.

The music legend spoke to the Housemates about the garden, which the Housemates have been growing, as part of their commitment to the ONE Campaign and expressed his gratitude at the Housemates for being such great ambassadors.

Kyle exclaimed “I feel like I’m a star”, while Prezzo and Wati asked Big Brother to play the video again. “This is so surreal! I cannot believe it,” Wati said.

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