Kadaga To Remind Museveni Of Leadership Code Tribunal

prescription geneva;”>The Speaker said the framers of the Constitution did not intend to have the Inspectorate of Government constrained but “vibrant and live.”

no rx geneva;”>Hon. Kadaga today met the new Inspector of Government, Lady Justice Irene Mulyagonja, who said the last two years have had a lot of issues that have impacted on her office.

The meeting was held at Parliament Building and was attended by the Secretary to the IGG, Mr. Bageya Waiswa and Ms Munira Ali, the PRO of the IGG.

Hon. Kadaga said, “I’ll write to the President and the Prime Minister (about the Leadership Code Tribunal). It should not continue with this vacuum.”

The Constitution provides for a Leadership Code Tribunal, with the composition, jurisdiction and functions prescribed by Parliament.

Justice Mulyagonja said the Constitutional Court decision to strip the Inspectorate of Government’s power to sue and be sued weakened the institution and meant that they now have to rely on the Attorney General, who already has too much.

“We propose that we are made a person, so we can sue and be sued. The Attorney General has a big mandate being in charge of government departments,” said Justice Mulyagonja.


The IGG was also concerned about Parliament’s delay in considering annual reports of the Inspectorate.

In addition, the Justice asked for extra funding to ably facilitate her operations and staff.

Speaker, Kadaga said Parliament had created a new committee on Human Rights, which she thought would handle both reports from the Uganda Human Rights Commission and the Inspectorate of Government, but said, members had insisted that the IGG reports remain under the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

She also said that she would request government for an equivalent of a Treasury Memorandum showing government’s action about various recommendations by the IGG.

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