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Are Uganda's Kyle, Jannette Warming Up For The Grand Finale?

pharm geneva;”>Just after Keitta and Alex bade StarGame goodbye on Sunday night, it was speculation time.

Uganda’s star housemate Kyle and Talia predicted that there would be no Nominations today and Biggie would leave it to Africa to decide.

Wati expressed his shock on Keitta’s Eviction and admitted that he really didn’t see it coming.

Keitta wasn’t up for possible Eviction initially until Kyle put him in Keagan’s stead.

On July 16, Kyle survived eviction after Ugandans and other friendly countries moved fast to save him in a massive on line voting exercise.

Kyle did not only have the Ugandan support.

Other countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Zambia voted for his stay, a development that heightened chances of taking home the game’s grand prize cash.


By surviving the July 15 eviction night and being the head of the house for this entire week, Kyle automatically survived any possible expulsion as he used his authority to replace his nomination with Keitta.

Now, after going through the July 22 eviction, Kyle and Jannette have two weeks left to head straight into the August 5 finale.

Jannette and Kyle are the last remaining StarGame pair.

Uganda’s Jannette and Kyle have survived the chop a countless number of times and are still in the game.

This is an incredible feat, considering that many of their fellow Housemates have fallen by the wayside.

The two started the game off in Downville, with their fellow pairs and were eventually upgraded to Upville when the Houses merged.

Kyle in particular has survived possible Eviction on two occasions, while Jannette has evaded the dreaded Nomination and Eviction chop, since she moved to Upville.


Meanwhile, with just two weeks left in the game, the Housemates plan another reality show.

This time though, they don’t want to be isolated and locked up in a House but would like to be seen in their own countries.

Kyle said the idea had great potential and he has no doubt that they can get a thumbs up from his TV stations back home in Uganda.

The format of the reality show is a Cape to the North type of set up where viewers will get to see the Housemates working on various projects that they are passionate about, in different countries.

They agreed though that the only standing in their way right now in sponsorship and they would be knocking on doors as soon as October.

StarGame surely is coming to an end and we might just be seeing the “Stars of StarGame” back on our TV screens sooner than we thought.

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