Museveni To Mbarara Students: Circumcision Does Not Cure AIDS

“There was this confusion that children who don’t pass well go for technical education while those who perform well go for other courses. That is how some get degrees in SWASA and roam the streets but if get a degree in technical skills or science you get jobs. Am happy about the technical education here,” he said.

The President was today speaking at centenary celebrations at Mbarara High School held under the theme – Celebrating 100 years of Excellence. The celebrations held at Ankole Diocesan grounds attracted hundreds of old boys including President Museveni.

The President said he would recommend that building and weaving skills be added on the metal and wood fabrication courses, cautioning that what the schools teach should help students survive in the future.

“Education is not just knowledge but livelihood. Knowledge alone can’t take you far. Children should learn ICT skills and will also need discipline, academic Excellency and a healthy body,” he said.

He cautioned students against joining bad company or give in to peer pressure

“Don’t look for girls just because they tell you something is wrong with you. There is something wrong with those who look for girls prematurely. Avoid peer pressure and bad company. Teachers should find time to tell children not to hanker after bad practices because there is a time for everything. There is this circumcision confusion as if that will stop AIDS. I know Muslims who have died of AIDS and even in tribes that traditionally practice circumcision like Bagisu. Be careful with your lives.” he said.


The President hailed the lead role played by Mbarara High school in development in the region and the country and congratulated the Church of Uganda for starting the school. He gave a brief history of his life at school saying the food then was insufficient especially in boarding school, the unhealthy rivalry between the school and Nyamitanga School and also bullying which was rampant.

“Boarding sections should make sure that children have enough food because that is a delicate stage in a child’s growth. They would weigh us when we came in and when we went out. I was much smaller when I left. They had this tea – but when you looked in the cup, you would see the bottom of the cup. The unhealthy rivalry between Mbarara High and Nyamitanga was based on sectarianism sentiments. Children sang about patriotism here that is what the NRM lives for and that is what God lives for,” he said.

The President further added that the education was very good and produced some of the best people in the region for the country.

He hailed the Church of Uganda for committing its self to compliment government work by sending out its own supervisors to schools.

“It is very good that you will compliment government work in supervising schools. The ministry of Education has some supervisors but if you can have your own supervisors that are a safety mechanism, I applaud this.

They can even supervise government supervisors,” he said. He also commended the old boy’s efforts to write a research book about the history of the school, saying while it is not a must, it is crucial for the future generation.

The President started with a tour of the school and later participated in the cutting of the centenary cake. The ceremony that attracted hundreds of old boys and neighbouring schools was punctuated with performances by Mbarara High Schools boys and students from the neighbouring schools.

The gathering also raised millions of shillings towards the construction of the Sports complex including an Olympic size swimming pool in memory of over 34 children who have drowned in River Rwizi over the a hundred years as they tried to swim. President Museveni made a contribution of 80 million shillings, with 30 million shillings in cash towards the 500million budget.

The headmaster John Agaba hailed the people in the region, the Church, Old boys and the President for what he described as a passionate love, financial and spiritual support towards the school as they celebrate the 100 years of excellence.

9:00am: A thanksgiving service is underway Saturday at Ruharo Cathedral as Mbarara High School marks 100 years of academic excellence.

Outgoing Church of Uganda Archbishop Luke Orombi is leading prayers and he will later deliver a sermon.

President Yoweri Museveni will be the guest of honour at the school located in western Uganda.

Museveni is an old boy of the secondary school.

The event will be crowned with performances from musicians Vampino and Dorrys Mutahunga.

The duo lately released a special song for the school’s anniversary.

“The party actually starts today as former students from all corners have stormed the town all ready. Mbarara is the place to be,” said our Corp in Mbarara town.

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