Meet Lyrical G – Uganda’s Hip Hop Sensation

side effects geneva; font-size: small;”>Chimp Corp Jako Waluluka caught up with him for a one-one-one on his life, viagra 40mg hobbies, music, family and future plans.


CR: Most people know you as Lyrical G. What’s your real name?

LG: My real name is Jeff Kintu.

CR: What was it like growing up?

LG: I had a normal childhood, full of love and wonderful memories….. I was born to Herman Kintu and Barbara Kintu, who departed. I have three sisters and a brother.

CR: Where did you go to school?


LG: Nakasero Primary School, Budo Junior School, St Charles Lwanga Kasasa, Katikamu SDA, Nkumba University & MUK.

CR: What do you do other than music?

LR: I run GMC Entertainment plus other private businesses…

CR: What genre is your music?

LG: Hiphop/Rap with a fusion of soul, rhythm and melody….

CR: Where do you get your music inspiration?

LG: I was born with it even though growing up, my parents always had boring music in the house.

CR: What do you consider as your biggest breakthrough regarding your music career and when did your music hit the market?

LG: I used to rap at DV8 with my former group Bataka. I went solo in 2002…when I released my debut album ‘Live From East Africa(2004)’ I was introduced to the rest of the world, but it was my single ‘East Africa Party’ that took me places……

CR: What do you like to do for fun and where do you hang out for fun?

LG: I like 2 hang out with my son Jarl. I read a lot..Also, i like to run around with the boys, go 2 the cinema, disco, music shows etc..

CR: What would you like to change about the music industry in Uganda?

LR: Right now the industry is overcrowded; hence there is a growing need for upcoming artistes to first understand the basics before coming out. Originality should be a must….

CR: How would you like to be remembered as an artiste?

LR: I wanna be remembered as that guy that not only did it for himself but also paved the way for a lot of other rap artistes in Uganda…

CR: Any upcoming albums or tracks?

LR: I always release an album every year…right now my latest album ‘1st & Flow Most’, Back 2 Basics’ is out and is doing ok….i’ve shot a couple of videos too….look out!

CR: What are your achievements and challenges in your music career and life?

I am a two time Hiphop Artiste of The Year. I have released the most hiphop/rap albums (6) in Uganda and done collabos with some of Uganda’s leading artistes (Juliana, Mesach, BLU3, Nandujja, Peter Miles, Good Life, etc). I have opened for many artistes both local and international(Awadi,Mafikizolo,Rasheeda,Proverb).

I have as well performed at the Zanzibar International Film Fest and also co-starred in a Hiphop documentary with South Africa’s Proverb. My music has enabled me travel Around the world.

As far as challenges are concerned, we as Hip-hop artistes need to ‘grow’ so that the world can take us seriously.

There are a lot of petty issues and unnecessary drama that have shifted the attention of those that are supposed to listen to us. We need to work on improving our art instead of fighting and hating one another.

CR: What are your future plans?

LG: I want to continue playing a role in affairs regarding Hiphop/rap in Uganda and beyond.

CR: What would you tell the young upcoming artistes?

LG: I advise the up and comers to keep their head on their shoulders…always remember to say a prayer to God…if you wanna make it, stay focused.

You got a dream, go out and chase that dream… goal is too hard to achieve, even though you gotta stay disciplined!

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