BREAKING: Journalist Feared Kidnapped By Mafia Loyal To Genocide Fugive Kabuga

hospital geneva;”>We have a few minutes ago been tipped that security fears the journalist could have been kidnapped my mafias loyal to the 1994 genocide financier Felecien Kabuga, who was recently busted in a documentary “In the Footsteps of Kabuga” aired recently by NTV Kenya.

The identity of the missing journalist remains top secret not to jeopardize investigations, according to sources.

But it appears the journalist reportedly helped in the compilation of the Kabuga documentary that embarrassed Kenyan authorities for providing sanctuary to a fugitive who has millions of shillings on his head as a bounty.

Kenya police have responded to the documentary as “pure drama,” saying it was based on falsehoods.

However, after exposing Kabuga, NTV’s investigative journalist John Allan Lamu took to hiding over threats on his life.

The incident also comes at a time when a retired military doctor who was exposed in a television investigation that he treated Kabuga died mysteriously last week at Nairobi Hospital, Kenya.

Dr Rwakwach retired in 2002 after a long military service and in the NTV documentary, it was alleged that he was given orders to treat the wanted Rwandan genocide planner in military facilities across Kenya.


Rwanda did not respond to the documentary.

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