Minister Warns Teachers: Strike At Your Peril

cost erectile geneva;”>In a statement issued Friday, Alupo directed all chief administrative officers, district education officers and all local leaders to ensure all schools remain open on Monday and Tuesday next week.

“The Ministry has received information to the effect that an advocacy group calling itself the Citizens’ Action For Quality Public Education has called for a teachers’ protest on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th July 2012 during which teachers are urged to lay down their tools and schools should not open,” said Alupo.

“I have consulted with the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) Executive, the registered teachers’ union and was assured that this is not the position of UNATU,” she further stated.

“This is therefore to guide all teachers and education managers and other stakeholders that this is not the position of NATU.”

She said teachers, education managers, pupils and other stakeholders must be informed that the position of the ministry is that schools will remain open next week “in accordance with the social calendar released at the beginning of the year.”

Teachers have for long demanded a 100% salary increment to cater for the increasing cost of living.

However, while presenting her budget, Finance Minister only proposed an increment for science subject teachers, sparking fury among the rest.


Earlier, President Yoweri Museveni had told Parliament that the country did not have enough resources to increase salaries for civil servants, saying the better part of government funds in the financial year 2012/13 would be earmarked for modernizing infrastructure and boosting agriculture.

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