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Uganda Votes To Save Kyle As Jannette Checks Goldie

The pint sized Ugandan confronted Goldie as she was preparing supper in the evening. “I want to clear the air.

I was really shocked when you suggested I have a problem with you. Honestly, I don’t,” Jannette said. Goldie on the other hand told her she had noticed a change in Jannette since Monday. “You do not look me in the eye when we speak, anymore,” she said.

Jannette assured Goldie that she had not changed and her only problem was that Goldie is always with Prezzo. “You are always with Prezzo so we do not get a lot of time to talk.

Also, Keitta said when I look people in the eye, it comes across as evil,” Jannette said.

Meanwhile, friends and fans of Kyle are appealing to Ugandans to save the Big Brother Star who is facing eviction this Sunday.

Celine Kihunde said: “Guys, let’s step up our efforts in voting to save Kyle. It’s now that we need to do it better than ever….SMS VOTE KYLE TO 7626 or join the online voting by creating a DSTV account and this way you will be able to vote for Kyle once every hour”

She added: Please let us keep him in the house…Thank u so much for the support.”


Olive Nakatudde: Please more effort is needed, vote vote vote. The polls right now are for housemates are up for possible eviction

Goldie 28.35 % (12183)

Kyle 25.32 % (10880)

Prezzo 24.68 % (10605)

Lady May 21.65 % (9303)

Inno Cent Kashobera: Just bought airtime of 10k to vote Kyle………………. we gooo we go…………………………………

Pak Seeker: Guys we doing bad, let vote the more, u can as well create accounts reflecting other countries.

Brian Jerry Oluma:

Guys, we are not safe yet. Let’s keep voting…look at the opinion poll

Big Brother Africa Polls

4 housemates are up for possible eviction, whom do you want to save ( week 9 )?

Goldie 27.9%

Kyle 25.4%

Prezzo 25.1%

Lady May 21.6%

Total votes: 46233

You have already voted.You can vote once every hour.

Follow this link to vote for Kyle:

Best Head of House goes to!!!

The former Upvillers noisily argued about who was the best Downville Head Of House.

The gang converged in the bedroom for a noisy argument, which had Prezzo and the other origional Upvillers pulling their hair out. All the Downville Housemates who have held the Head of House position flexed their muscles bragging about their tenures.

Keitta was the most outspoken, telling the gang “I was in charge of 28 people and had to change batteries for all of them. That’s gangsta.”

Talia, on the other hand, cried foul over the fact that Wati ruined her Head of House run. “Wati P made it hard for me to rule the roost comfortably though, because he absolutely refused to wake up, especially after he had been drinking,” Talia said.

Keagan also noisily weighed in on the issue, highlighting how he had been Sheriff 5 times in a row, and had handled it well.

Who do you think has been the best Head Of House so far?

It’s A Beautiful Friday!

Keitta clearly got it all this morning. StarGame’s ultimate lazy boy was up bright and early this morning full of energy.

The Ghanaian headed outside in the garden and was pleasantly surprised to find the sun shining outside. With his spirits lifted high by this sight, the jolly fellow decided to head into the bedrooms to share his good mood with everyone else.

He did his best to try and wake up the rest of the sleepyheads in the House, he went to each of them one by one and pulled down the blankets and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Wake up, it’s a beautiful Friday.”

But alas his efforts were in vain, try as he may to get them to go outside and cease the day, instead of wasting it on sleep, his enthusiasm was met with annoyed drowsy moans or empty promises to join him in the garden later.

Even the few that he did convince to wake up did not share his optimism, “It’s not that beautiful,” quipped Alex. Jeez Alex, did you wake up on the wrong side of bed today?

As for Keitta what could be reason for Upville lad looking like the cat that got the cream this morning?

Stealing Bad Brother’s Clothes

Kyle and Alex stripped Bad Brother down to the bare minimums and stole his clothes.

Kyle and Alex slipped out of the House and into the garden for a little spot of vandalism. The two Housemates broke Bad Brother’s arms and stole his shirt.

Alex put the shirt to his nose and exclaimed “This shirt belongs to somebody. It smells of alcohol”. That realisation however, did not stop him from throwing it on.

Kyle, on the other hand, went to work with a screw driver and pounded away, hoping to inherit Bad Brother’s dungarees. He seemed to have a bit of difficulty pulling the dungarees off.

Was Bad Brother putting up final resistance in the afterlife, following an intense battle earlier that evening?

Keagan then intervened and told the two Housemates Big Brother was not happy with their late night session.

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