EXCLUSIVE: FDC Officially Withdraws EALA Case

prescription geneva;”>In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, cheapest the First Instance Division of the EACJ said it granted a request by Uganda’s Shadow Attorney General Abdu Katuntu to pull out of the legal battle.

However, court ordered the applicant to bear the costs for the suit.

Katuntu’s application had sought a temporary injunction to stop the Parliament of Uganda from voting for Ugandan Members of the EALA on grounds that the rules of procedure basing on which their nominations were made were contrary to the EAC Treaty.

The Shadow Attorney General had also contended that there was a pending reference in the Court seeking to set aside those rules and consequent nominations arguing that they were in breach of the Treaty because they did not provide for representation of all six political parties in the House.

Selemani Kinyunyu, representing the applicant, told Court his instructions were to proceed with the withdrawal of the application to which, he added, the Ugandan Attorney General had also consented.

The Court, however, ordered Hon. Katuntu, to bear the costs of the respondent because the latter was not served with a Registry-acknowledged copy of the withdrawal notice, hence forcing representatives from the Attorney General’s Chambers to turn up for court.

Justices Johnston Busingye, Principal Judge, Jean Bosco Butasi and Isaac Lenaola heard the application.


FDC Publicist Wafula Oguttu was not readily available for comment.

He, however, recently told that FDC would not be bothered by the possible loss of a seat at EALA.

“So be it. What can we do if other political parties do not want to be trusted?” he said, in reference to opposition political parties that betrayed the party after an agreement to boycott the election exercise of EALA representatives.

He added: “We had the capacity to negotiate for ourselves and also push for them (other opposition parties). But they have helped NRM to abuse the treaty. Everything is selfish.”

In May, we reported that confusion and poor planning within FDC and betrayal by other political parties had cost the leading opposition group a strategic seat at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

FDC had colluded with other opposition parties UPC, DP, JEEMA and Conservative Party to boycott EALA elections pending a suit at The East African Court of Justice.

Amusingly, shortly after the boycott meeting held at Katonga Road in Kampala, DP nominated Mukasa Mbidde, UPC sent Chris Opoka and CP endorsed Edward Kayondo as their representatives to EALA.

Fearing the possibility of losing out, FDC held elections for their EALA delegates.

They picked Augustine Ruzindana and Anita Among in the chaotic elections held at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala.

Yet, Parliament had clearly indicated that all parties must send names of their nominees before May 29, just a day before Parliament holds elections.

FDC later lost out on sending representatives to EALA.

The development surely shatters the hopes of Ruzindana and Among to step foot at EALA.

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