Pastor Male: Social Injustice Cultivating Ground For Terrorism

sickness geneva;”>Speaking at the 2nd anniversary of July 11, 2010 Kampala bombings at Pope Paul Memorial Community Centre in Ndeeba, Kampala which was organized by Mission After Custody, Pr. Male appealed to government and security services to eradicate social injustices which are biggest cause of terrorism.

Male added that in 2004, he was approached by two youths who were victims of sodomy by a certain Pastor but because they had sought for justice and it was denied to them, they were willing to acquire bombs and kill the Pastor so as to curb their anger.

Male added that military might which includes guns, bullets, tanks, missiles, planes etc can’t win terrorism but rather killing one terrorist creates more willingness to die for a cause.

“Terrorism is becoming so hard to defeat because one man’s terrorist is another man’s celebrated hero,” he cautioned.

Male further said that in 1986, President Museveni was seen as a terrorist against the régime of the former president Milton Obote.

However, Pr. Male said, that many people become terrorists for reasons ranging from oppression, social injustice and sympathy or identifying with terrorist causes, economic gains, religious reasons and some are coerced or forced to become terrorists.

Male stressed that the government and the public shouldn’t always look at Muslims as the only terrorist group but it should be noted that in 1986, a catholic – Joseph Kony led Lord’s Resistance Army into acts of terrorism.


Male also expressed his dismay that the police have also constantly employed brutality in dealing with popular dissent in the country.

He added that if mob justice becomes the voice to people’s problem then the nation is at risk of creating more terrorists.

On the other hand, senior Commissioner of Police, Geoffrey Chombe, protested Male’s presentation, saying police does not terrorize own people.

Chombe, however said many individual terrorists have sprung up – working individually without support from any terrorist group.

He further said that different terrorists are using the social media (internet) to recruit members, solicit for money and also support terrorism in different countries.

Chombe, however, noted that the team investigating digital crimes is in place and several teams have been trained to combat terrorism.

He has also called upon the public to coordinate with the police in the fight against violence.

Mission after custody is an NGO that aims at rehabilitating prisoners and ex-prisoners before being re-integrated into society. It also advocates for their rights.

Prayers were held in commemoration of the twin bomb attacks that left over 79 people dead.

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