5-Year- Old Contributes Shs100,000, Challenges Guests On A Fundraising

Akampa Masias, a 5-year-old middle class pupil from Nyakashoga Primary School in Rugarama sub county Sheema district has challenged guests ,parents and teachers when he stood up and bought a hen at shs111,000 on a school fundraising.

The fundraising was conducted on Sunday at the school premises to get money for putting up a three block classroom.

On picking the microphone, Masias said that he loves hens and his teacher also advised them to contribute for their school if they need to excel in future.

“My uncle gave me a hen and  told me to keep on selling the eggs in order to buy another hen. Even our teacher told us to contribute for the school if we want to come back and teach here,” he explained.

“Last night when we were eating supper, I asked my mother for my money that she had been keeping for me. Every day after selling eggs, I give her all the money,” he said.

Akampa’s action left every one at the function feeling challenged and ashamed.

Petronia Kyatusimire Begumisa, a mother to Akampa told Chimpreports that his son extremely loves hens and  “he can’t eat without sharing his food them.”

Parents, well wishers and school pupils of Nyakashuga Primary School Sheema attending  the fundraising

“I’m not surprised of what he has done because he loves hens with all his heart, even when he gets back home in the evening after school, he shares his food  with his hens,” added the mother.


“I had refused to give him the money because whenever he sells eggs I am the one who keeps his money, but he cried and his grandmother told me to give him the money,” his mother said.

When Akampa  was asked, he said he bought eggs from the village and sold them in Kabwohe town after school.

“I am rare home because when I get back from school I move around our village to buy eggs which I add to those from my hens; I later sell them in Kabwohe to get more money,” he said.

The Chairperson School Management Committee Fred Kamugisha asked parents to always fulfill their duties through providing fees, meals and scholastic materials for their children saying that education is the only property you can give a child.

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