5 Preparation Tools That Help You Pass Microsoft 70-463 Certification Exam

Designed to measure the candidate’s understanding of data warehouse implementation using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft 70-463 is a certification test that you would like to pass. It exists in a number of languages, including English, Japanese, Portuguese, French, German and Chinese (Simplified). Excelling in this exam places you in the right path to earn the MCSA or the MCSE certifications.

The Microsoft MCSA 70-463 Exam Dumps can make a great boost to your career. To pass this test, you require the right resources with accurate information.Resources play a vital role for your chances to pass the exam. There are some top ones described below that can help you throughout your studying.

#1: Instructor-led training

It includes online videos when  the candidates are taught by a qualified professional and study all that they should know before the exam. Instructor-led training is a preferred option for people who are taking their first certificate. The instructors take into consideration that you are a newbie and will explain concepts in a simplified manner so that you have an easy time following along.

The students are provided with the official Microsoft course 20463D, which covers a wide range of areas. It explains all the key topics that you should be good at before taking the test. 13 modules are taught and most of them have practical lessons. These lessons are very important because they determine whether or not you will excel in the exam. Remember that this certification test may cover some theoretical concepts but majority of the questions asked will be focused on your ability to meet the practical needs of your organization. Given the detailed nature of the modules taught, the candidates are expected to set aside a considerable amount of time to train.

#2: Self-paced training

One thing about instructor-led training is that you have to follow a certain schedule developed by your instructor. That can be quite a hard thing to do when you have a busy schedule. Thus, you need a resource that can seamlessly fit into your busy life. Self-paced training is the most viable option. It allows you to study at times that are convenient for you and at a speed that is better for your understanding.

The Microsoft Learning Center provides some resources for self-paced learning. Review carefully the different materials provided for your studying and choose one that you find the best. Remember that you need a resource that is not only good at saving your time but also provides needed knowledge and skills for passing the certification test. Of course, this method of preparation requires some diligence from you and the ability to manage your time effectively.


#3: Books

Books are a preferred resource for those individuals who find it hard to create study time. They offer some kind of flexibility that is not easy to achieve with any other preparation resource. For instance, when you are stuck in traffic jam, you can easily get out your book and cover a few pages. On a short lunch break, you could also use the opportunity to learn quickly in a manner that would not be possible with any other resource. As a result of this flexibility, this is one of the top resources you may want to put into consideration.

Microsoft provides its own official book, Microsoft Training Kit (Exam Ref 70-463), which is meant to aid in your quest to become certified. It covers the various areas that are essential for your exam preparation, including designing and implementing data warehouse, developing and enhancing SQL Server Integration,building data quality solutions, managing and maintaining SQL Server Integration andimplementing custom code in SQL Server Integrations. This study guideis undoubtedly worth your time considering that it is developed by combined efforts of the top Microsoft examiners. Even though there are many books out there that you may use, this is a recommended version going by the fact that it is a product of the Microsoft’s own experts. Do not be perplexed when you meet questions in the main exam that are worded exactly as it is in the book.

#4: Exam prep video

Even though this video may be short, not more than 10 minutes, it is probably the most important resource you could use for your training. As a matter of fact, you cannot afford to leave it out. This is because it introduces you to all that you are going to study. It evaluates key concepts and areas. Once you have watched the exam prep video, you can proceed to plan your study time and collect other resources you need.Microsoft provides two exam prep videos through its official webpage. The experts on the SQL Server technology talk about different skills that the 70-463 test measures and its relevance to the industry.

#5: Practice test

No matter what resource you choose, practice tests cannot be left out. They provide the candidates with a deeper understanding of what to expect from the main exam. Through these tests, the individuals gauge how well they have grasped concepts already covered and whether or not they need to revise some areas. If you proceed to register for the exam without having taken a single practice test, you risk a lot. Thus, if you do not want to retake Microsoft 70-463, train yourself properly.

The official Microsoft practice test has a series of questions meant to check whether or not you are ready for the exam. There are questions with detailed answers, which you will find pretty helpful. The candidates are provided with instant score report for personal assessment.


These Microsoft 70-463 exam preparation resources are designed for those candidates who understand that the Microsoft certification test is not easy to pass.Create an effective study plan and use it to your benefit.

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