5 Key Points to Constructing Durable Building Structures


On Wednesday afternoon in Kansanga, a building collapsed killing six people. Musa Amuru, a survivor, said that the soil fell in, covering the six all of a sudden.

We have many more incidents of buildings collapsing in Uganda,some of these include;

In October 2008 at NSSF Pension Towers, seven people died when a wall collapsed at a construction site on Lumumba Avenue in Kampala.

In August 2014 still in Kansanga, a six storeyed building collapsed and three people sustained severe injuries. It also damaged some houses in the neighborhood.

In July 2011, seven people were injured in Ntinda after a building collapsed killing some people and damaging a lot of property.

All this this can be avoided if extra caution is taken, here are some tips to building a strong structure as guided by Jamilu Baguma, an engineer.

The soil


Most buildings collapse because the soil underneath them can’t handle the load exerted onto it. Take time to learn the kind of soil, is it hard or soft. You can have your soil tasted by lab experts to know whether it can hold the proposed load or not. In Uganda, that can be done at Makerere University.


Jamil Baguma notes that you should make sure the house has a strong foundation.  The foundation should be given ample time and the materials needed because it will hold the house load not for a year, but as long as the structure is still in use.

The contractors

Experience is the best teacher; go for a contractor who has been in the field for a long time. Before you trust someone with your building project, get to know more about them and what they do.

What are some of the projects they have worked on, their experience, are they attached to any firm, are they licensed to work as qualified engineers among other things.

You should also take time to interact with the people they have worked with before to get to know the person you will be working with better.

Building materials

The market has both fake and genuine materials. Some people rush for the cheaper materials to save a penny, these in most cases are fake. To have a strong building structure, go for the genuine supplies even if materials are expensive.

These can be got from renown hardware shops in the country or from factories.


Sometimes people are in a rush to get the work done and most times the result is half baked. Take time and oversee (you as the owner) the step by step development made at the construction site. This will save you huge losses.

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