5 Key Mobile App Development Trends to Watch In 2020

The fast-paced growth of tech has been predicted in previous years. Based on this premise, it is logical to predict some of the tech trends to expect this year, as some have already started. 

Despite the advent of the unplanned coronavirus, tech still promises to forge forward and wax stronger in the remaining months left in this year. As some app development trends dominated in 2019, we must know about the mobile app development trends for 2020. Some of these trends are listed below;


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


We are no longer strangers to the advent of artificial intelligence, but machine learning is still a bit of a grey area. Predictions for artificial intelligence have gone out, and they are premised on an anticipated boom in the market in 2024, with almost 200 billion estimated. 

More corporations the world are now scrambling around to integrate artificial intelligence in their scheme of operations. The roles of artificial intelligence have been thoroughly explained in handling the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging around the world. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence would further help build apps, troubleshooting of issues, and create systematic patterns that can be used to solve them, etc.


  • Blockchain Evolution


You should know at this point that Blockchain has transcended cryptocurrencies in a way that mobile app development has been predicted to benefit heavily from this development too. Blockchain’s introduction has helped ensure that data breaching is more difficult, and apps would embrace this culture. 

Blockchain makes it possible to trace errors and rectify them more easily than it was normal before. This way, when you pay through a Blockchain-endorsed app, you are assured that your payment cannot almost go wrong. 

The database can be accessed by the developers, thus making the task of accountability very easy.


  • 5G Technology


As powerful as 4G has been, 5G has been touted to be a much better and improved version of its counterpart. The hype building around the usage of 5G is a much-deserved and sustainable one, as it holds bright promises for app development in 2020. 

In plain terms, 5G would be about 100 times faster and much-effective than 4G. Many industries are already investing in the adoption of this innovation to ensure their counterparts do not leave them behind. 

5G would help fast-track gaming in 3D, while data security is one area that would also greatly benefit from this. With the introduction of this unparalleled network speed and strength, app developers are trying to figure out how their apps can now access and modify this strength to develop faster and more effective apps. 


  • Instant Mobile Apps


Downloading apps from the Playstore for both iOS and Android users have been the trend for a while now, and that looks set to change soon. Instant mobile apps now allow you to access your favorite apps without downloading them while still maintaining their basic functions. 

If you check here, you would learn more about emerging gambling and tech trends and how you can benefit from it. This mode helps users try out apps to see if they suit their taste and decide to continue using them. In 2020, it is assured that instant mobile apps would become more common, and app developers are on their heels for this one.


  • Beacon Tech


An app that makes use of Beacon tech enables you to see the various locations from which you can purchase your desired items and products. From this, you can see other technical details that are otherwise not normally available. 

Anytime your phone or mobile device gets into the radius of a beacon area, the app you’re interested in gets notified and alerts you while offering the information needed for you to decide if you want to purchase the item or not. 

The usage of Beacon in mobile app development would certainly be a welcome one.

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