5 Female Artists No One Expected To Shine

Over the years,we have watched these ladies grow musically from what is termed as ‘Nothing to Something.’


Here we bring you the top five Ugandan female artists that are not only a talk of town ,but have on several occasions represented Uganda on the international scene as well.


Sheebah Karungi


Many of you are going to argue and refute this because she has had overwhelming success that you can barely peep to see where she came from but let us take you down memory lane.



Sheebah’s rise to fame never happened in a blink of an eye, so many doubted that mere dancer who had just left obsessions to try out the singing waters would even have a hit song in her lifetime. She wasn’t that promising while in the group.

Sheebah Karungi

A good legion of Ugandans could never look at  Sheebah in her days of ‘Buli Kyenkola’ a collabo with KS Alpha, ‘Nsazeewo’, ‘Kambalage’ among others and think she would be this shining light everyone adores now.


The self proclaimed ‘Queen Karma’ has built her career from blood and sweat to get any form of recognition in this industry amidst so many doubts she can only narrate.


Her career started exposing a ray at the end of the tunnel when she started releasing songs like ‘Ice cream’, ‘Twesana’, ‘Jordan’ , ‘Malidadi’ Ndiwanjawulo, ‘By The Way’, ‘Go Down Low’ among others.


She has been nominated for many awards locally and internationally, won several and collaborated with artists in and out of Uganda.


She has concurred the industry with hit songs like ‘Beera Nange’, ‘Nkwatako’, ‘The Way’, ‘Wankona’, ‘Onkutude’, ‘Mummy Yo’… the list is endless. She is now a solid powerhouse.


It is safe to say that she started from the bottom and now she is currently the best female artist we have in Uganda…calling her a household name is an understatement.




She started out as Irene Ntale’s manager before venturing into singing. Many didn’t feel her voice especially when they occasionally compared her to Ntale, her predecessor who would later turn nemesis.


Her first song “Level” which was a club styled track didn’t garner as much traction as she would have hoped. It was a rough start to be honest.


‘Stylo’ where she featured Ntale, the public barely recognized her.  She was only referred to as Ntale’s former manager.


Regardless of the public criticism and doubt in her music talent, the self-proclaimed ‘Boss Manja’ never gave up.


She broke the airwaves with her single ‘Malaika’ a hit that never left anyone the same. Her mocked ‘manly voice’ became most people’s fantasy as no one could get enough of this track.


Vinka released hit after hit from that point on words like; ‘Chips na Ketchup’, ‘Love Doctor’, ‘Oluyimba Lwomwaka’ among others including great collabos till she became a household name.


It can be said that the slim light-skinned singer has earned herself a seat on the table of phenomenon female artists we have in Uganda and the sky is the limit for her especially after recently landing a deal with Sony Music.


 Lydia Jazmine


There’s no kids event she didn’t attend in the infant days of her career.


In fact, she was more of a kids’ entertainer than a serious artist anyone would consider as the top of this country.


We really never got to fully focus on her not until she released that collabo ‘Same Way’ with Geosteady.

Lydia Jazmine

Even then, no one ever thought she would follow through with better output. “She will be a one hit wonder,” many publicly said.


She pushed harder and later landed a nod in Coke studio, which is to say, is her biggest achievement thus far.


Jazmine kept on claiming her position in the music industry by releasing unforgettable songs like; ‘Nkubanja’, ‘Cherie’, ‘Hit and Run’, ‘Masuuka’, her most recent banger ‘Wankolera’ , plus collabos with big artists like Sheebah and Daddy Andre.


Nina Roz


Nina was literally Sheebah’s handbag.


It was actually from their frequent company that rumors sprung, about their sexuality.


By then she was just Nina Kankunda until she decided to sit where her friend sits—at the table of women.

She once narrated her difficult journey when hosted on NTV by Faridah Nakazibwe.


She disclosed how the first person she ever approached was Jeff Kiwa who first laughed because he never believed she was serious, though he welcomed her regardless.


The skyscraping singer literally confirmed that she took long to start singing seriously because she never believed in herself too. Nina Roz recalls a certain DJ switching her off as she performed during a show.


However, amidst the doubt and ridicule, she set her mind to focus and released her first single ‘Mekete’ in 2016 with Kabako a song that never enjoyed much airplay.


She released a number of songs but her breakthrough song was ‘Omulilo’ that started turning people’s heads to pay attention. The songs that followed like, ‘Anayinama’, ‘Olumya Bano’, among others including her recent controversial “Munda Ddala”.


Spice Diana


She started singing while still at campus but also never gained so much momentum right from the beginning.


Diana’s first songs like ‘Onsanula’, ‘Tekinanta’ gave her a push to the music scene but the public still never gave her much attention as a unique artist.

Spice Diana

A few years back, she was manhandled by security officials during the KCCA carnival, a thing that can never be done to artists like Bebe Cool in a million years. This later motivated her to release her jam ‘Anti Kale’ demonstrating the injustice.


Things got complicated after graduation when she made a fool of herself on several interviews with poor grammar and wig falling off which few people thought she could ever bounce back from.


As the saying goes, ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’, Diana saw this as an opportunity to up her music position. This time saw her releasing hot jams like ‘Ndi mu love’, ‘Jangu ondabe’, ‘Nasimatuka Ex’ among collabos with legendary artist Mowzey Radio.


The singer has also proved her worth, building her music career from scratch to stardom. She now has more great songs like ‘Now’ her collabo with Daddy Andre, ‘Best friend’ with King Saha, which have made us forget her ’32 blunder’. She indeed makes the list of those that took us by.

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