Makerere Student To Sue Crane Bank, Burn ATM Cards

cialis 40mg geneva;”>Bagaya told on Monday afternoon that he would today serve an intention to sue letter to the Bank for its “misconduct that has cost him over Shs700, pilule 000.”

The no-nonsense student said he has hired a Kampala law firm Ochieng, Harimwomugasho & Co. Advocates to take on tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s financial institution.

“My lawyers have finished the necessary paper work. We shall ask court to compel Crane Bank to unconditionally re-open my account,” warned Ibra, a student who came to the limelight for co-authoring a damning book about President Yoweri Museveni’s leadership.

He recently held a hunger strike outside the bank’s premises along Kampala Road, protesting “illegal deductions on his meager savings.”

“When I totaled, the bank had deducted Shs800,000 from my cash deposits in just one year. I told them to refund my money but they arrogantly chased me,” Ibra charged.

This news website could not independently confirm this allegation since no document showing Ibra’s financial transactions with the bank was provided to our news desk.

Feeling hugely embarrassed in what observers believe is a worsening public relations disaster; the bank summarily closed Ibra’s account and made wild claims of extortion against him.


However, Ibra says the hunger strike “worked well because they refunded me Shs300, 000 out of Shs800, 000.”

In the upcoming court case, Ibra will claim that he was expecting Shs378,000 as internship fees on the account which is now blocked before seeking damages.

He will further state that he was expecting another Shs500,000 on the frozen account.

As if this not enough, Ibra has started mobilizing Crane Bank ATM cards which he intends to burn in a protest against what he calls Crane Banks “exploitation of customers.”

“I have so far collected 44 ATM cards from aggrieved customers. While appearing on Channel 49 TV today, some viewers promised to give me their cards for burning,” said Ibra.

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