BBA 2014

Kyle Tells Jannette: “Lady May Is Crazy”

illness geneva;”>While all of the Housemates that have been residing in Upville know all too well about Lady May’s eccentric habits the two Upville newbies had yet to see the unconventional celebrity lady getting up to her oddball shenanigans up until today.

decease geneva;”>As the Namibian spent the day sleeping outside, the two engaged in a lengthy discussion about this behaviour which they found to be peculiar.

“She is not crazy, something is wrong,” Jannette tried to claim.

The Ugandan lass concluded that no one would sleep outside without a valid reason and Lady May’s reason had to be that she believed that people in the House do not like her.

Try as she may to rationalise Lady May’s bizarre behaviour, Kyle refused to hear a word of it. “Her problem is her attitude,” Kyle maintained.

After the discussion a concerned Jannette headed outside to try and find out what is wrong with Lady May.

Unfortunately for the young StarGamer her concern was greeted with hostility from the Namibian.


As Jannette queried Lady May if she is okay, the Starmate shooed her away and snapped at her, “I want to sleep. I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

When the Ugandan tried to explain that she was merely concerned about her, Lady May quipped:

“Everybody knows that I sleep outside when it is hot inside,” before shooing her away again. A bit later while the Housemates Lady May addressed Jannette and told her, “I hope you didn’t find me weird earlier” to which Talia responded “Yes you are weird.

Sleeping outside is weird.” We have to agree with Talia on this one, unless you are on a camp otherwise sleeping outside is a bit odd.

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