Profile: Who Is Rwanda Genocide Fugitive Thaddee Kwitonda?

this site geneva;”>Kwitonda Thaddee, story aged 51 years is wanted by the Brussels District Court Vide an international warrant of arrest issued by Judge Jean Coumans of the Court of the First Insurance on 4/10/2011.

He is wanted for genocide under article 136A Criminal Code of Belgium and articles 16 and 34 of the statute of 20th July 1990.

“We have been trailing him since April 2012 until today 05/07/2012 at 10:30 am when we arrested him outside Rwenzori Towers,” said police boss Asuman Mugenyi.

Kwitonda left Rwanda in 1994 and stayed in Bakavu Refugee camp in Congo until 1997 when he left for Belgium where he lived as refugee with his family until 2000 when they acquired Belgium citizenship.

He has come to Uganda more than once; he first came in 2007, then 2009 and then 27/3/2012.

He has a joint registered company with another Belgium National. The company is called Clean Energy for Sustainable Development International which is supposed to deal in Solar Panels.

This company has no established offices but it is based in Rubaga in a building where Mr. Kwitonda stays.

He has no work permit. His passport expired on 3/7/2012.

Kwitonda, a Belgium national, was formerly from the Hutu tribe in Rwanda. He is a lawyer by profession, has two diplomas in Public administration and Human Rights.


Kwitonda, before leaving Rwanda, worked with Sonarwa Insurance and as Deputy Secretary General of Central Bank of Rwanda.

In 1994, he was accused of having taken part in acts of Genocide in his own district of Ruhengeri Prefecture, Nyakabanda.

By end of April 1994-July 1994 he took part in acts of violence in Butare town.

He among others is accused of murder/Genocide, bodily or mental harm, enforced transportation of Children and group torture.

“Arrangements are being made with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to have him deported,” said Asuman Mugenyi.

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