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PHOTOS: Rwanda Girl Student Asks Kagame: How Do I Become President?

view http://deal2deal.co.in/components/com_jshopping/templates/default/checkout/menu.php geneva;”>Flanked by his wife Jeanette, http://cdkstone.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/class-wc-admin-api-keys-table-list.php Kagame first listened to one of the girl students who said she wanted to be Rwanda’s first woman President.

“We may have here the next President of Rwanda,” said Kagame, attracting a deafening applause.

“Believe you can be President and be the best you can be at what you do today,” he said, as students laughed – then silence.


Kagame and wife Jeanette watch IT students demonstrating their skills at the academy

“You are already doing it…I am happy when you are happy doing it,” added Kagame.

“You can be leaders today at your level, if you are a class leader take it seriously and be the best at it,” Kagame inspired the excited youthful students.


Another S.5 student, Elodie Iradukunda Elodie, asked Kagame: What can we do to contribute to vision of Rwanda as center for Information Technology?

“Have the confidence that you have in you what you admire in others…Don’t waste any opportunity, seize it, hold it firmly and run with it…keep your eyes on the prize,” Kagame inspired Iradukunda.

Chimpreports.com experts say such inspirational sessions are rare in African countries.


The girl students entertain the President at Gashora in Bugesera District, Eastern Rwanda

In North America and Europe, Presidents, scholars and celebrities are usually invited to address students to inspire them to greater heights and also boost role modeling.

Such inspirational lectures are also essential in career guidance.

Asked to explain why he chose to be an agent of change, an excited Kagame told the attentive audience that he “grew up in a situation that makes you ask what can I do to improve my life?”

He said: “I was shaped by the hard conditions I lived in as a refugee and a desire to create change. All of you can be what you want to be, there is nothing that is not possible.”


The President takes questions from the student leaders

Kagame further expressed his gratitude to his wife for supporting him in upbringing his children.

“My wife supports me and my children are just like you…standing here with you, I feel all of you are my children too,” he said as Jeannette smiled.

“The family I have makes me the person I should be, they are my comfort…that is why I don’t know what stress is,” said Kagame as the students’ faces lit with joy and amusement.

“I want to do the job you have hired me for to the best of my ability and know I have given it my all.”

He said “empowering women is common sense…rights of members of society, men or women, should be respected. Gashora girls, you inspire us leaders of Rwanda,” he affirmed.


THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Girls prove to President Kagame that investments in IT are worth it

“Continue to be the example for those who look up to you…You give us strength to work for the wellbeing of all. You are what Rwanda needs to be the best it can be. You are the mothers of tomorrow’s invention.”

On her part, Gashora Girls Academy Student Representative told First Lady Jeannette Kagame: “You inspire us to be future leaders we are meant to be.”

She also assured Kagame: “Your victory has given us a reason to dream and be agents of positive change.”


Kagame giving an inspirational speech at the school

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