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Sudan Incites Pro-Government Youth Against Protesters

The Minister of Information Dr. Ghazi Al-Sadiq Tuesday appealed to all able-bodied Sudanese to take on peaceful protestors, saying they are serving selfish interests of foreigners.

“The right to peaceful protests and freedom of expression is stated in the constitution and the citizens have the right to exercise their democratic expression in accordance with the law,” said Ghazi.

“However, Sudanese should not allow these protesters to resort to violence and trespass on public and private properties,” he added.

Ghazi’s statements could fuel violence in the volatile nation.

“Violence is crippling development and undermining stability and security of the country. Sudanese should not accept a situation where protesters – the enemies of the country, exploit these activities to serve foreign agendas,” cautioned Ghazi in a statement to the Sudanese Media Centre.

Deadly clashes between protestors and security forces started a fortnight ago on the streets of Khartoum before spreading to the capital of Al-Jazzera State, Madani, and Al-Obayid town in north Kordofan State.

The wind of the anti-Bashir revolution quickly extended to several other towns, with protesters urging their leader to immediately relinquish power.


Unlike other countries that have managed to deal with economic protests, Sudan is in serious trouble considering that dozens of rebel groups holed up in the South, especially Nuba Mountains, have been longing for such a conflict to place the last nail in the coffin of Bashir’s presidency.

Rebel groups early this week hinted on “showing solidarity to the Khartoum revolutionaries,” raising fears the Sudan crisis could slip into civil war as it’s happening in Syria.

Protests erupted when government chose to implement unbearable harsh austerity measures including termination of fuel subsidies.

Angry protesters accuse Bashir of failing to tackle widespread corruption, poor public service delivery, warmongering and abuse of human rights.

Nevertheless, Ghazi noted that government would soon embark on a massive awareness campaign to help citizens draw a line “between democracy and sabotage.”
“I appeal to all patriotic Sudanese not to allow the rioters to undermine the security and stability of Sudan,” said Ghazi.

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